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Welcome to our new Resources Page!  We hope you find these videos helpful.
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A special song sung by Katy: We've been waiting for you

A book reading with Mary: Swimmy
The Turtle Team reads: Ants
A song with Brianna: Ketchup, Ketchup, French Fries
Panda Teachers and Baby Shark: Baby Shark
A book reading with Peggy: Old Hat New Hat

A book reading with Adrienne: Who Hops?
A special song with Sue: Slippery Fish
A book reading with Carol: What To Do With a Box
A book reading & Yoga with the Turtle Team: Bugs, Bugs, Bugs
Where do you start your letters? Where do you start your letters, S, T, & U

A special song with Sara: Hey Diddle Diddle
The Life Cycle of the Monarch Butterfly wit Jean: Monarch Butterflies
A book and song with the Turtle Team: A book and song with the Turtle Team
A song with the Turtle Team: Days of the Week
A fun activity with Shayna: Feely Box & a game

An ABC song in ASL with Margot: ASL
Cup Game with Brianna: Cup Game
Turtle Team Reads: Painting a Rainbow & Rainbow Finger Play
A book reading by Sue: The Foot Book
How to draw a bumblebee: How to draw a bumblebee
A book reading with Linda: I Wish You More

A book reading by Jean:  Hopper Hunts for Spring
A breathing exercise with Sara: Sara Breaths with Piggies
A book reading by Shayna: Ant
A book reading by Carol:If You Give a Dog a Donut
A fun activity with Carrie: Volcanos
Turtle Team Sings: Where Do You Start Your Letters L, M, N, O
Turtle Team Reads: Spring is Here & Spring
Music with Teacher Pat:Music with Teacher Pat

A book reading by Shayna: Finding Wild
An activity with Peggy: Making a Whirly Gig
A book reading by Adrienne: Dog's Colorful Day
A book reading by Jenny: Gossie
A book reading by Jeanne: Caterpillar to Butterfly

Singing with Carrie: Couch Potato Pokey
A book reading by Brianna: Guess How Much I Love You
Turtle Team Reads: Families, Families, Families & Animal Yoga
A book reading by Carol: The Doorbell Rang
A book reading by Mary: How Many Bugs In a Box

A book reading by Sue:  I Love Bugs
A book reading by Sandy: Bear Sees Colors
A book reading by Peggy: And Then it's Spring
Seated yoga with Shayna: Seated Yoga with Shayna
Yoga with Brianna: Yoga with Brianna

A book reading by Peggy:  In the Forest
A special song by Jenny: Where Do You Start Your Letters
Turtle Team finger play and book reading: Mixed
A special book reading by Carrie: What Makes a Rainbow
A special book reading by Mary:This Old Man

A book reading by Jackie: Heartprints by PK Hallinan
A special song by Jenny: The Opposite Song
A song and book reading with the Turtles: A book reading and song
Yoga with Adrienne: Yoga Poses with Adrienne
A book reading by Shayna: Oh Say Can You Say Di No Saur


-Wake Up (get dressed, brush teeth) Do a mindful breathing practice to start the day
-Breakfast -Connection time: Reading or Playing together
-Free Play Time: Outside Play (weather permitting...a little rain can be fun) OR..Indoor Independent Play (open-ended...lots of ideas below)

Note: For folks who need to work from home this can be a chunk of time for kids to play independently (if this can be done safely outside), so you can work.
-Clean-Up Time (toys) & Help with simple chores; dusting, pairing socks, etc. -Lunch
-Some TV or other Screen time

Note: A time to get your work done
-Rest time (Quiet independent time; listening to a story or looking at some books)
Note: Another time you can get things done
-Connection time: Outside if possible or Indoors. Let your child take the lead!
-Help with dinner (as possible, set table, scrub veggies, mix ingredients)
-Bath and bedtime routine
-Snuggle up and Read a book, Sing, or make up your own story!
-Goodnight (you all did it!) 


  • 1. Outside Activities:
    Here are some great family experiences in these times of social distancing.These are all places where you will find yourself mostly alone and unlikely to be in a congested situation. Nature is good for our well being and for family time:
  • -Heard Conservation Area, Wayland (they've planted a new apple orchard!)
  • -Greenways Conservation Area, Wayland
  • -Rail Trails; -
    -Audubon has many beautiful places to take walks, area ones include;
  • Elm Bank in Wellesley, Stony Brook Wildlife Sanctuary in Norfolk,
  • and Moose Hill in Sharon
  • -Stellar hike with views to Boston: Noanet Woodlands, Dover
  • -Gardens and easy paths: Bradley Estate in Canton, Long Hill in Beverly, Stevens-Coolidge Place in North Andover
  • -Quick walk with the dog: Charles River Peninsula, Needham or Cutler Reservation
  • -Rocky Woods and Noon Hill Reservation, Medfield. Lots of easy terrain for a walk.
  • -Visit animals and take a stroll: Chestnut Hill Farm, Southborough
  • -Walk the dunes at Crane Beach, Ipswich, Halibut Point, Rockport
  • -Meet the cows at the nation’s oldest farm, Appleton Farms, Ipswich
  • -Some Zoos have LIVE camera feeds where kids can watch the animals! *See 100+ properties open to the public at

    2. Indoor Activities for Kids Under 5:

    3. Bari Koral: Kids Yoga, Music, and Mindfulness for Kids
  • Tips:
  • Remember most activities that can be done inside can also be moved outside, turning a routine activity into something new and exciting! You have more materials and tools than you think you do at your disposal. Many household items can be used for play and exploration. Some examples include: whisks, funnels, measuring spoons and cups and turkey basters for water play cookie cutters, rolling pins, muffin tins and garlic presses for playdough. 


Here's some great ideas for you to do with your children on a rainy day or even a snow day, if we have one!  Try out one of the following recipes and let the fun begin!

Tried & True Playdough
Cloud Dough
Silly Putty
Tips on Removing Silly Putty!
Edible Playdough
Exploring With Water

Tips for Removing Silly Putty from Clothing 

*Presoak item in liquid starch then wash with detergent
*Pour undiluted liquid soap on spot. Soak in cold water keeping item immersed at all times.  Silly putty will begin to peel off or dissolve.
*Put clothing in the freezer.  Once silly putty is frozen it can be peeled off.

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