Week Of June 8th - 12th

Theme - Ocean

Resource Activities for beginning of the week

  1. Fish Coloring (Fine Motor, Comprehension) Want to color some creatures in the ocean? Here is a fun printable. coloring sheet of assorted fish

  2. Octopus Math (Math, Fine Motor) --  You can cut out a large, simple circle and 8 legs for your octopus, or draw out a simple octopus. You can make it small or BIG, like shown. You can use small paper circles, stickers or sequins for counting and apply with glue, ...or just place (no gluing) Cheerios down on each leg… And then eat them up!

  1. Goldfish sorting (Math - comparison, categorizing, counting, graphing, Fine Motor) Have some fun counting or color sorting with your favorite ocean snack: GOLDFISH! Goldfish graph mats

  2. Sunscreen Painting! (Science, Fine Motor) Dislike putting on sunscreen? Let’s paint with it to find out why it’s important to put it on before playing out in the sun. Sunscreen painting

  3. Let’s go “fly” fishing! (Gross Motor, Sensory) All you need are some sponges and a bucket. For fun, you can cut your sponges into a fish shape. You can soak your sponge in water and toss it into the bucket. Another way to play that will cool you down in this warm weather is to have one person hold the bucket and try to catch the “flying fish” the other person throws. Save this sponge fish for an extension activity later this week!

Extension Activities for end of week

  1. Painting with sponge fish (Fine Motor, Sensory) - you can use that fish shaped sponge to do some fun fish prints with paint. Get a large piece of paper, any color will do. Use some different colored paints to dip the sponges in, and stamp on the paper. Paint can go on paper plates for easy dipping!

  2. Make your own ocean book (Pre-reading, Language Comprehension, Fine Motor) Who lives in the ocean? Color and cut out these 8 squares. Then have an adult staple them into a book for you! printable ocean book link

  3. Starfish and Cheerios (Math, Fine Motor) Did you make an octopus and decorate him with cheerios? You can also try it with a starfish! starfish and Cheerios

  4. Let’s Go Swimming! Song (Gross Motor, Language) Here’s a link to one of the classroom’s favorite interactive songs by Laurie Berkner. The Goldfish Song Link

  5. Beach Party! (Social Skills, Language, Dramatic Play, Fine Motor, Life Skills) What would you bring to a day at the beach? You don’t have to be at the beach, you could be in your yard or your living room! Collect your beach items… Swim suit? Towel? Snacks? Sunglasses? Practice putting on sunscreen and pretend you are at the beach!


A book reading by Jenny : The Pout Pout Fish
A song with Maria: Old McDonald Had an Ocean 
Yoga with Sara: Crab Pose
A book reading by Jenny: You and Me Together
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