Week Of June 1st

Theme - Nursery Rhymes

Resource Activities for beginning of week

  1. I’m A Little Teapot (pre-reading, gross motor)

I’m A Little Teapot, short and stout.

Here is my handle, here is my spout.

When I get all steamed and hot, I shout,

“Just tip me over and pour me out!”

Teapot Activities:

I’m a Little Teapot that needs to be cleaned! (fine motor)

Gather up some toy dishes, spoons, cups or toys that need some cleaning. Fill one bucket or bowl with soapy water, another with clean water and a towel for drying. Use sponges, face cloth, scrubbing brush or even an old toothbrush to clean your items. 

Washing dishes sensory bin

2) Jack Jumped Over The Candlestick (pre-reading)

Jack be nimble, Jack be quick,

Jack jumped over the candlestick.

Candlestick Activities:

  1. - Ever wonder why Jack didn’t just go around the candlestick? (gross motor, Language Comprehension) Pretend a paper towel or toilet paper tube is the candlestick and give actions using positional words (beside, next, over, under, top) for your child to follow. Ex. Stand beside the candle, crawl around the candle, etc

Jack be nimble gross motor game

3) The Old Woman In The Shoe (pre-reading)

There was an old woman 

Who lived in a shoe.

She had so many children

She didn’t know what to do.

She gave them some broth

And a big slice of bread,

Kissed them all soundly

And sent them to bed.

Activity - 

How many things can live in your shoe? (fine motor, math)

Get a shoe/boot and small toys like Legos, Little People or Matchbox cars. Fill your shoe with items and see how many fit inside. 

4. Hey Diddle Diddle (pre-reading)

Hey Diddle Diddle,

The cat and the fiddle. 

The cow jumped over the moon!

The little dog laughed

To see such fun,

And the dish ran away with the spoon!

Hey Diddle Diddle Activity (fine motor, math) Have the children help you organize your kitchen drawers by sorting spoons from biggest to smallest.

5. Little Miss Muffett (pre-reading)

Little miss Muffet she sat on her tuffet, eating her curds eating and whey

Along came a spider who sat down beside her

And frightened miss Muffet away

  1. Miss Muffet Game (fine motor, math, social)

Little miss muffet path game

To play the game

You will need a dice, a printout of this game, and small objects to use as playing pieces. To play simply print as many paths as you need and cut on the dotted lines. Then, provide each child with one path and one small object to use as a playing piece. Place the playing piece on the spider to start. Roll the dice and count the dots. What number did  you roll? That’s how many spots your spider will jump. Who will get to Miss Muffet first? Miss Muffet Game Link

Extension Activities

  1. I’m A Little Teapot - Let’s practice pouring water into containers without spilling (muscular control, independence) You can use different sized pitchers or cups. Pour water from one container to another trying not to spill. It would be best  to put a tray under the cups to catch the water or do this outside.  Give your child a towel or a sponge to have them practice how to clean up a spill. You can also practice this lesson by dry pouring. Fill the pitcher with beans or rice. 

Life lessons Pouring water

  1. Jack Be Nimble (Gross motor, math: counting, measuring, predicting, recording) How Far Can You Jump? This activity gets your kiddos moving and exploring measurement with their own body. How far can you jump? Make a prediction, jump, and measure with a ruler or tape measurer. Then help them record it on paper. Have fun trying variations like, can you jump as far if you have a backpack full of books on your back? Hmm… test it out and see!

  2. Your family in a shoe! (fine motor, math) Can you draw each person in your family? Now see if you can cut them out. Can you glue them onto a picture of a shoe? Do you all fit? You can make puppets for all of your family members or use this link to make puppets that go along with the nursery rhyme. See if they all fit in one of your shoes at home. family in a shoe link

  3. Hey Diddle Diddle Video (pre-reading)

Hey Diddle Diddle Video Link

  1. Miss Muffet Snack (sensory, fine motor, imagination) all you need is crackers, pretzels, peanut/sun butter, and something yummy for the eyes Miss Muffet Snack


Jenny acting out Little Miss Muffet: Little Miss Muffet
Yoga with Sue: I'm a Little Teapot
Nursery Rhymes with Maria: Old Woman in the Shoe
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