Week Of May 25th

Theme - Goldilocks and The Three Bears

Resource Activities for beginning of week

  1. Let’s draw a teddy bear using shapes! (Fine Motor, Prewriting)

Draw a Teddy Bear: Following Directions (Practice Page) | Teddy ...

Different surfaces -  (Dramatic Play, Sensory, Math, Language) Have a sibling or parent join you in trying out different surfaces for a resting spot. Lay down on the different beds in your house, the couches, the rugs, the grass outside, even a safe spot in your driveway or sidewalk. When you lay in each spot, wait at least 5 seconds and think about how it feels. Is it hard? Soft? Comfortable? Scratchy? Does the grass tickle?  Does it make your backside bend or keep it straight? Have fun trying out all the different spots and then decide which one feels “just right”! 


Teddy Bear Play Dough Mat - (Fine Motor, Dramatic Play) Can you add a face to this teddy with your play dough? play dough mat link


Big, Medium, Small (STEM - Comparison, Measuring, Classification)
Can you line up the shoes in your house from the biggest to the smallest? Do you have any that are medium size? See if you can find any other items in your house that are big, medium and small. Here is a video of a preschooler finding big and small items in her backpack. Big vs small video link

  1. How big is your teddy bear? (STEM - Comparison, Measuring, Classification)

Go on a bear hunt around your house and find a teddy bear.  Once you have found your bear it’s time to do some measuring.  You can use string, blocks or
legos to measure your bear.

Extension Activities for the end of week (Math - Measuring, Comparing)

  1. Measure as many of your stuffed animals as you can. Compare the string or blocks that you used to measure your teddy bear. Which one is the biggest? Which one is the smallest?

    Opposites sort using your senses (STEM - Classification, Sensory)

Let’s learn about opposites like hard & soft, cold & hot (warm), and rough & smooth, by using your sense of touch. Fill a basket with objects of opposites, touch each object to find the opposite. Can you try it with your eyes closed? This is also a great sorting activity!

Have a Bear Themed Snack! (Fine Motor) All you need is a slice of bread, some spread, banana slices for the ears and muzzle, and blueberries for the eyes and nose!  Adorable and delicious!   

  1. Practice some fun yoga poses with Meddy Teddy and Bari Koral (Gross Motor)

Teddy Bear yoga

Bear Printable (Fine Motor, Prewriting) Match the Bears with these funny bears

Match the bears


Movement with Sue: Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear

A book reading with Jenny: The Three Bears

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