Week Of May 18th


Theme - The Three Little Pigs

Resource Activities for beginning of week

  1. This Little Pig Made a House Out of Amazon Boxes! (Fine Motor, Gross Motor, Math/Spatial Relations) Make a house out of a large cardboard box that you might have at home. Use markers to draw some bricks on the outside of the house, or cut out rectangles in red construction paper, glue/paste onto the box. (see photo attached) use these printables for the pigs and wolf:

Three Pigs and Wolf Puppet Printables

  1. Three Little Pigs Cutting and Tracing (Fine Motor, Prewriting) Have your little piggy work on their scissor skills or tracing skills by cutting along the black dash lines or for some pre-writing practice skills have them trace the lines. 

3 little pigs cutting practice

  1. Lego House Challenge (Science, Math, Spatial Relations)

What can you create with a cup filled with Lego bricks?

  1. Can You Move It? (Science, Fine Motor)

The big bad wolf did a lot of huffing and puffing to blow down the pigs houses. Let’s see how strong your breath is. Gather up some items like a leaf, feather, cotton ball, plastic cup, metal spoon, and a rock. Line up the items and blow on each one individually. See you how far you can move them just by using your breath. 

  1. What happened first? Story sequencing with the 3 Little Pigs. (Pre-Reading, Fine Motor, Reading Comprehension)

After reading the story, cut out the cards and retell the story by putting the cards in order. Ask questions like what happened first, what happened next/after and what happened last. 

3 Little Pigs Sequencing

Extension Activities for end of week

  1. Act out The Three Little Pigs story. (Story Comprehension, Language Arts) Who will be the Big Bad Wolf and who will be the little pig? Can you take turns? 

  2. Listen to “Lots of LIttle Pigs” by Laurie in Berkner. (Story Comprehension, Language Arts) It is a fun song to listen to which lends itself very well to acting out the story of The Three Little Pigs. "Lots Of Little Pigs" song 

  3. Building with foam blocks and shaving cream  (Fine Motor, Science, Sensory)

Pretend you are a bricklayer just like the last pig that made his house out of bricks.  Pretend the shaving cream is the cement and your butter/plastic knife is the trowel, a tool used to smooth the cement. Use foam or wood blocks. This might be fun to do in the bath tub!

Building with Blocks and Shaving Cream

  1. Pig Snacks 

Pig pancakes … yum! A pancake, 2 strawberries, 1 banana slice, and 4 raisins = OINK! OINK!

5. Watch this video to see different kinds of houses built with different kinds of materials from around the world. Different Kinds Of Houses Video



A song with Sue: The Building Song
A book reading by Jenny: Three Little Pigs
Yoga with Maria:Happy Baby Pig Pose
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