Week Of May 11th

Theme - Birds

Resource Activities 

1. Senses Activity:  (Science, Sensory) - on a nice day, grab a blanket or a towel and lie down on your back in your yard.  Close your eyes, be still, and listen to what you hear:  Are there birds chirping? Flies buzzing? Can you hear the wind?  What else do you hear? 

2. Why do some birds fly in a “V” shape? (Science, Stem, Sensory)

Have you been observing the birds in the sky lately? You might have noticed that when they fly together they tend to fly in the shape of the letter “V”. Want to know why? There is an easy experiment you can do to help explain this bird behavior. You just need paper and a fan. Here is the link for pictures and directions.

V shape formation

3. Printable Bird Matching Game: (Prewriting) Here is a fun matching game. You can print out the paper and match the birds with a marker. Or you can use your finger and match them using your finger on the computer screen.

bird matching game

4. Make owls out of toilet paper rolls - (Fine Motor) Do you have a toilet paper roll, glue, and construction paper? If you do, then check out these fun owls you can make. If you don’t have google eyes then you can try cutting circles for eyes. “WHO” is going to have fun with this activity?

toilet paper roll owls

5. Count your eggs before they hatch - (Math) Find a bowl that reminds you of a nest. You can put nest items inside the bowl if you would like to make it look more like a nest. You will also need dice, tongs/tweezers/or your pincher fingers, and something like cotton balls to be your “eggs”. Now roll a dice (or use a dice app) on a phone. What number did you get? Can you pinch that many “eggs” and put them in your nest? Roll again or take turns with a family member. How many eggs will end up in your nest?


  • Sensory Activity - Sight: lie down on a blanket or towel in your yard, open your eyes and look up in the sky. What do you see?  Clouds? Birds? Bugs? What else do you notice?  Smell:  Take a deep breath.  What do you smell? Flowers? Grass? Anything else?  Touch: look around your yard and find 3 things to touch. Maybe a pinecone, a twig or the leaves of a plant or a rock.  Do they feel soft or hard? smooth or bumpy?  warm or cold? 

    Paper airplane - Would you like to make something that can fly? Below is a link to a step by step video on how to make a paper airplane.

paper airplane instructions easy enough for Jenny to follow

  • One Less, One More - Here is a math game with eggs in a nest. One More, One Less Math Game

  • Live bird watching! Click on the link and choose a bird (owls, hawks or bald eagle) and view the animal live! 

Live bird cam



A book reading by Maria: Little Owl's Night
A book reading by Jenny: 5 Little Birds
Yoga with Sue: Yoga Poses
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