Week Of May 4th

Theme - Birds


Yoga with Sara: Soaring Bird Pose
A book reading with Sue: Reading in the Nest

Singing with Maria: Little Birds

(to the tune of Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, Turn Around)

Little birds, little birds, jump up and down.

Little birds, little birds, don’t make a sound!

Little birds, little birds, tip-toe to me.

Little birds, little birds, bend your knees!

Little birds, little birds, peep, peep, peep.

Little birds, little birds, sleep, sleep, sleep.

Little birds, little birds, fly to the leaves!

Little birds, little birds, sit down, please.

Resource Activities for beginning of week

1. Cheerio Bird Feeders (Science, Math, Fine Motor)


2. Build A Bird’s Nest - (Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Sensory, Math)

Can you build your very own bird’s nest? You can use outside materials from nature or items you can find inside. Maybe your nest will be a mixture of both. Here are some examples of materials you might include in your nest; playdough, plastic eggs, twigs, sticks, pine cones, grass, a bowl to help shape your play dough, pulled apart cotton balls, etc. How many items are in your nest?


3.Easy Paper Plate Nest: (Fine Motor, Math)

This might be good for a rainy day, when it’s hard to access all the outdoor materials.  And hopefully, you’ll have all the supplies at home!  Please be careful if using scissors -- use kid-friendly scissors if possible -- or you can just tear off strips/pieces of brown paper to help make your “twigs” and nest material. How many strips of paper did you tear off?


Feel free to send your teachers a picture of your own nest. Just like the real birds making their nests outside, each one is unique, just like YOUR “nest”/ artwork!

4. Birdseed or Rice Writing Tray - (Prewriting, Sensory, Fine Motor)

 Put a small amount of birdseed or rice on a paper plate or pie tin (something that has a lip). Have fun drawing letters and/or shapes with your finger. You can do this outside or inside!

5.Soaring Activity:  (Gross Motor, Yoga)

Outdoors is best for this.  

Quietly, take notice of the birds in your trees, grass, sky.  Keep watching, and see/notice how they take off and fly. Some flap, some soar…  Choose a bird. Hold out your arms, and pretend you’re that bird. Run around with arms open, soaring about and enjoying the freedom and the fresh air!  


Soaring Bird 


*After you make your cheerio bird feeder and hang it in a tree outside you can be a scientist and make observations. Do you notice a change in your feeder every day? Can you draw pictures of the changes? Do you have a guess or “hypothesis” about what will happen to your feeder next week?

*Build a nest in your home using pillows, socks, blankets, towels, etc. 

*When you are all done with your nest, pretend you are a little squirrel and you take apart the nest and “hide” things back where they go.

*Play our small group game,
Land, Water or Sky in a different way. Point to the sky, can you name an animal or vehicle that belongs there? Point to the water, can you name an animal or vehicle that belongs there? Point to the ground, can you name an animal or vehicle that belongs there? How many can you name? Here are the cards to show to play the game

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