A book reading with Jenny:  The Very Hungry Catapillar A fun song with Sara: Itsy Bitsy Spider The Butterfly Yoga Pose with Maria: Butterfly Yoga Pose

Week of April 27th

Theme - Spring/Bugs

Here are some activity ideas. Please do not go out and buy anything. Be creative with what you have at home. If you need help with some ideas, don’t hesitate to email us.

Extension Activity for end of week

Make a caterpillar using your laundry! Do you have some socks rolled up in balls, or some dish towels in a laundry basket? See if you can make them into a caterpillar shape.  How many sections does your caterpillar have? Can you “inch” them into the drawer where they belong?


1. Feed The Caterpillar Game 

Did you watch the video of Jenny reading The Hungry Caterpillar? It’s time to feed your own caterpillar! The first thing you will need is a tube (toilet paper roll, paper towel roll, or roll a piece of paper and secure it with tape). This is your caterpillar. Then you can decorate or color your caterpillar if you want to. It could be as simple as coloring with a crayon or marker. Next it is time to feed your caterpillar. Collect something small you have around the house; pom poms, cotton balls, raisins, goldfish, buttons, etc. You will also need a dice - there are dice rolling apps for your phone if you don’t have an actual dice. Now you are ready! 

  1. Roll the dice.

    What number did you get? Count the dots.

    That is the number of items you will put inside or “feed” your caterpillar.

    How many items did you put inside your caterpillar until it was full?

Below is a link to this at-home game. Have fun feeding your caterpillar!


2. Printables:  Do you have a printer at home? Here are a few printable bug activities:

Butterfly maze:


Butterfly dot-to-dot (1-11):


Hungry Caterpillar coloring pages: 




3. Dirt Playdough Recipe - This recipe is perfect for the kids who love to play in the dirt but without the mess. The “dirt” is coffee grounds.


4. Coffee Filter Butterflies - This is a preschool favorite. The first thing you will need is a coffee filter. If you do not have coffee filters maybe you can use something else like paper towels or tissue paper. You will also need food coloring, liquid watercolors, or regular watercolor paint. The third thing you will need is a pipe cleaner or a twist tie.

  1. To put the color on the coffee filter, you can paint it on with a brush, drop it on with food coloring, or use a medicine dropper. You can also try coloring a coffee filter with markers, fill in as much of the white as you can. When you are done spray or drip water onto the colors to make them blend together. 

    To make the body and antennae of the butterfly you will need pipe cleaners or twist ties. When the coffee filter is dry, pinch the filter in the middle and wrap a piece of pipe cleaner or twist tie on the pinched part to make the body and the antennae. Below you will find a  picture and a link.


5. Edible Ant Hill - you could vary what you use for ingredients based on what you like to eat and what you have in the house. Here is one example: put a layer of chocolate pudding into the bottom of the cup for the “dirt”. Then, have the children put graham crackers in a plastic ziploc bag and crush them up. Pour the crumbs into the cup for the anthill “sand”. Lastly, you add the “ants which could be chocolate chips or raisins.

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