A special song with Sue:  Spring Song A breathing exercise with Maria, Smell a flower, Blow a leaf: Breathing Exercise A special book reading with Jenny:  Wake Up, It's Spring

Cutting grass - 3 and 4 year olds love to snip things with scissors. It is great for their fine motor skills and a good life skill to have too. What is more fun than cutting paper to look like grass? Why cutting real grass, of course! Go outside with child friendly scissors and adult supervision and see if you can trim the lawn! 


Parts of a flower - Here is a picture of the different parts of a flower. Can you find a flower outside? Can you draw a picture of a flower? We would love to see your picture!


Spring Adventure Walk - Enjoy being outside. Take time to look around, listen, smell, and see what you discover. Here are a few ideas:

Nature shapes - In the link below you will see some preschoolers who found and made shapes outside. Can you make a square with sticks or grass? Can you find circles in your tree trunks or in a flower? We can’t wait to see and hear what shapes you can make and find outside!


Pattern bug - Here is a picture of a silly bug. Can you color the circles in a pattern? Jenny colored hers in a blue, yellow, blue, yellow pattern. What colors and pattern will you choose?


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