Dear Panda families,
We hope you are having fun at home! Here are some things to do while your family is making dinner or on the phone. Have fun!
Missing you much, 
Jenny, Tracey, Sue, Maria and Audrey

Here is a link to one of our favorite books. It’s called The Animal Boogie. It’s one you can listen to, sing to, and dance to! https://youtu.be/25_u1GzruQM

Here is a website with free printable coloring pages of Pete the Cat.

Make an edible necklace.  Put two snacks in separate bowls, such as cheerios, Fruit Loops or pretzels. Find some clean gimp or ribbon and cut it to the length of a necklace that will fit safely over your child’s head.  They can string the food in whatever order they want, or you could suggest trying a simple pattern: cheerio, pretzel, cheerio, pretzel (ABAB) or cheerio, cheerio, pretzel…(AAB, AAB). Either way, they will enjoy nibbling from what they’ve made. https://www.happity.co.uk/blog/article/toddler-happity-hacks-cheerio-necklace/ 

Make your own Sensory Shaker: Look around for old water bottles in your recycling or any other type of plastic bottle that has a lid that can screw on securely. Fill the bottle with a variety of materials to make some sensory/noise shakers! https://peacebutnotquiet.com/exploring-sounds-kids-can-make-shakers/ 

Try some ice painting!! Fill an ice cube tray with water and either add drops of food coloring or paint, a popsicle stick and freeze. You can paint on paper, bring them outside and paint the side walk or for some extra science fun paint on a tray/plate filled with salt and see what happens!!! 
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