June 8-12

This week we are sharing the book Ten Apples Up On Top! by Dr. Seuss. Our curriculum is centered around this book. We are measuring, counting, and reciting fingerplays. Have fun trying out these new activities!

Literacy/Language Arts:

“Ten Red Apples” (fingerplay)

Here I have five apples. (hold up five fingers)

And here are five again. (hold up other hands)

How many apples altogether? (shrug)

Why, five and five make ten! (clap)

If you are reading the book at home, or are watching the recorded video of the story, see if you can “pause” and have your child count the apples on top of each animal’s head on each page. Have them point and touch each apple as they are saying the number. (This is counting with one-to-one correspondence)

Fine Motor/Art:

Game with golf tees, marbles and styrofoam: Pretend you are making apple trees: https://www.pinkandgreenmama.com/2009/11/preschool-at-home-marbles-and-golf-tee.html#.XtPx7zpKjIU

Draw apples at the top of the tree, then draw lines to the bottom of the tree with markers. Finally, trace over the lines.

Sensory/Mindfulness/Dramatic Play:

Apple Pie Play Dough: Add apple pie spices to homemade or store bought playdough. You can make 10 balls out of play dough and try to stick them on a straw to stand them up on top of each other.

Apple volcanoes: carve out a hole in the center of the apple. Pour some white vinegar in the hole. Add spoonfuls of baking soda and watch it erupt.

Gross Motor/Yoga/Outdoor nature-based, Games):

Balloon tennis: Blow up a balloon and pretend that it is an apple. Use a fly swatter or your hand to hit the balloon into the air. Don’t let the apple fall on the ground! 

Set up a running course with a start and a finish. Place an apple in a ladle, on a sturdy spoon, or even use tongs. Run around the course. Can you keep the apple on the spoon? 

STEM- Math, Science, Building:

Small, Medium or Large: Apple Sorting and Measuring: Use 3 different kinds of fruit. Measure the size of the fruit using different kinds of units such as blocks, a ruler, string, or recycled materials. Which one is the biggest? Which one is the smallest? Which one is the medium size apple? Put them in the correct order.

Jumping appleseed experiment: Dissolve 2/3 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 cup of water in a large glass. Add apple seeds from a couple apples into the liquid. Then add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and stir the mixture. The bubbles will carry the seeds up and down. It is really neat to watch! 


Fine Motor/Art- Golf Tee Art: Place the golf tees to make a letter or a number.

Sensory-Apple Pie Play Dough: Take some of the balls of play dough off of the straw. How many did you take off? How many are left?

Gross Motor-Balloon Tennis: Try using different body parts to keep the balloon up in the air (knee, head, elbow, etc.)

Circle-Wiggly Worm Game: Make your own wiggly worm out of paper by drawing and cutting curvy lines. Line up different colored papers next to each other. Hide the wiggly worm under a colored paper. Have a partner guess which colored paper the worm is under. Then your partner can hide the wiggly worm and you can guess!

Small Group- Answer a question: Draw a picture of how you would get apples down from the apple tree.

A book reading with Brianna: Ten Apples Up On Top!
A poem with Margot: Ten Red Apples


 These are fun videos to learn about insects  Insects , Stages of a Butterfly and a live video of a caterpillar turning into a Monarch butterfly Time lapse of the changing of a  monarch butterfly.

Children really enjoy tracking the growth of plants and measuring a variety of things. Using a ruler or tape measure walk around and measure different items in the house or backyard. What is the longest and what is the shortest? What is the same length as their foot?

Using stones/pebbles with small sticks, make a mosaic. Take a picture and start again.

Click on the following link to view a fun packet of activities:

Activities Packet
I can draw shapes booklet
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