June 1-5

This week we are thinking about another book we love. Our curriculum is centered around this book. We are incorporating colors, graphing, and counting. Our theme is: Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Bill Martin Jr.. Have fun trying out these new activities!

Literacy/Language Arts:

After reading the book together, ask your child to retell the story. What animals are in the book and what colors are they?

Make your own page(s) to the book(use a journal page): 

Write at the top of the paper: “Child’s name, Child’s name, What do you see?” Have your child draw a picture. Suggest they use the same colors as in the story. Write at the bottom of the page: “I see a ______ looking at me.” Fill in their answer. Challenge: have your child try to trace or copy the word.

YouTube: Greg and Steve:  “Were Going On a Bear Hunt” song

"We're Going on a Bear Hunt" Song

Fine Motor/Art:

Use a muffin tin or an empty egg carton. Take a handful of different colored pom poms. Use tweezers to pick up the pom poms and sort them by colors into each section.

Print out the pictures to the story. Cut each picture out, color and glue to a stick to make puppets to recreate the story.

Sensory/Mindfulness/Dramatic Play:

Make a bear cave out of pillows and blankets under a table, in a corner of a room etc. Bring your stuffed animals, books, a backpack with snacks, some things to draw with. Retell the story inside your bear cave.

Act out the different animals in the book. Make the sounds that go with the animal. Move your body fast like a horse, swim like a fish, giggle like the children on the last page. 

Gross Motor/Yoga/Outdoor nature- based, Games):

Play the game: “Red Light, Green Light”

Color Scavenger Hunt: Search around outside for the colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, brown, black, gray. You can put colored construction paper on the ground to help. After doing the Color Scavenger Hunt, count how many items do you have of each color? Which color do you have the most of? The least of?

STEM- Math, Science, Building:

Walking Water Experiment: You need clear glasses, water, paper towel, and food coloring. Follow the directions here Rainbow Walking Water Experiment  

Colorful Salt Jar: Grate colored chalk over salt and mix it together. Spoon layers of the colored salt into a glass jar. Make a rainbow!

HAPPY JUNE BIRTHDAYS!!:  Nathan, Francis, Mason, Braden, Teddy


Literacy/Language Arts- Bear Hunt: Make your own bear hunt at home. Find things that you can go over, under, around, and through.

Fine Motor/Art- Pom Pom Sort: Count how many pom poms you have of each color. Which color had the most pom poms? Which color had the least pom poms? Were any equal, or the same?

STEM-Walking Water Experiment: Draw pictures of each of the cups of water including the cups that were clear. As the experiment happens color in the clear cups to their new colors. What colors did they turn into?

Circle- Graphing favorite colors: Ask people in your family which color they like best, red, yellow, green, or blue. Color the square above that color on the graph paper. Which color was the favorite in your family?

 Color Graph

Small Group- Counting objects: Grab a handful of the same type of object (buttons, pom poms, etc.). Count how many you have. Take some away. Count how many you took away and how many you have left.

A book reading by Jeanne: Brown Bear, Brown Bear
Brown Bear, Brown Bear Yoga with Jackie: Brown Bear, Brown Bear Yoga


Sticky note ABCs or 123s

Write the whole alphabet on sticky notes (make a set of lower or upper case, whichever your child is most familiar with). Using some wall space put them up all out of order. Have your child reorder them. If your child is working on spelling his/her name, make two sets of the sticky notes with the letters of the name. Stick one set to the wall and your child can match the second set to the wall. This can be done similarly with numbers, colors, and shapes. Once these sets are created, they can be reused or set up in stations around the room for your child to go through.

You’ll need some family members for playing:

“What Time Is It Mr. Fox?”

-one person is the fox and the other participants ask what time it is

-if the fox answers 5:00 then the participants take five steps towards the fox (and so on)

-when the fox answers lunch/dinner time, the participants run towards the starting point and if someone is tagged, he/she is the next fox

“Red Light, Green Light”

-one person is the lights and dictates red light/green light - red is stop, green is go (can make rules about how to move, i.e. walk/run/hop/skip…)

-the participants make their way towards the person being the lights

-see how close they get and choose another person to be the set of lights

“Fishy, Fishy, Cross My Ocean”

-choose a person to be the shark, who yells “fishy, fishy, cross my ocean!”

-everyone proceeds to run across to the other side of the game area

-if someone gets tagged, he/she becomes seaweed who stands still and reaches out to tag others running by in the next rounds

Make a stick and branch maze large enough to walk through. First design a simple maze on paper that you will use as a “map” .  Collect a bunch of sticks and branches( or leaves etc.) from around your house, use the “map” as a guide to build a maze. Have fun going through it!

Click on the following link to view a fun packet of activities:

 Activities Packet
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