May 25


For this week we will continue to think about a very favorite book.  Our curriculum is centered around this book. We are incorporating letter recognition, rhyming, rhythm, movement, and repetition.  Our theme is: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr..  Have fun trying out these new activities!


Retell the story. Ask your child what comes first, next, then, and last. You can do this a few different ways. If you have the book at home, have your child hold the book, ask them to go through it and retell the story. What is happening on each page? If you do not have access to the book, ask them after watching Jackie’s video or after circle time. You can have your child draw a picture of the tree, some letters, and explain what happens. 

Write letters on the bottom of paper cups. On a piece of paper, trace the top of the cups. Then write the letters inside the circles on the paper. Match the letters on the cups to the letters on the paper and say the letters as you match them.

fundations: pre-k alphabet :https://pin.it/2VeNbLT 

Fine Motor/Art: 

Roll and shape play dough into the letters of your name.

Invisible names: Write your child’s name with a white crayon on white (construction paper). Use watercolors to paint over the white crayon. Watch his or her name appear! When the Giraffes did this activity this year, we also wrote just single letters on pieces of paper.

Sensory/Mindfulness/Dramatic Play:

Make a coconut tree out of playdough. Roll balls to make the coconuts. How many coconuts did you put on your tree? 

Water play: play with plastic or water proof letters in water. Use a turkey baster or eye dropper to squirt water at the letters.

Gross Motor/Yoga/Outdoors: 

Letter Scavenger Hunt: Write the letters of the alphabet on index cards or pieces of paper, and hide each letter around the house. Make a check off list for your child to have as they look around the room. Try uppercase letters and then add lower case letters for the next time. Limit how many rooms you use. You can play this game outside:  Put each letter in a plastic egg and hide them.  


Write the letters of the alphabet in order on the driveway or sidewalk with chalk. Your child can hop on each letter as they sing the “ABC's. 

STEM- Math, Science, Building:

Buy a coconut from the store, and hammer open. Using your 5 senses, talk about what you see, touch, smell, taste, and hear. 

Create your name using loose parts. Try to use a variety of natural materials.


Curriculum: Literacy-Cup Match: Write uppercase letters on the cups and lowercase letters on the circles on the paper. Have your child match the uppercase letter to the lowercase letter. If this is a challenge for your child, give them a strip that has uppercase and lowercase letters next to each other. (Aa Bb Cc, etc.)

Curriculum: Sensory-Play Dough: Make the coconut playdough balls different sizes. Put the coconuts in order from biggest to smallest.

Curriculum: Gross motor- Chalk ABCs: Try using different locomotor movements while singing the ABC's (skipping, jumping, walking, galloping).

Small Group- Letter Movement Game: Cut small pieces of paper and write different letters on the pieces of paper. Put the papers in a basket, bowl, etc. Pick a piece of paper. If it is a letter in your name stand up and jump. If it is not a letter in your name, sit down. Keep picking letters until the basket is empty.

Small Group- Tracing: Trace the letters on your nametag using markers. Use a different color for each letter. How many colors did you use?

A book reading by Jackie: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom


Children especially enjoy blowing bubbles outside and chasing them. Adding a little dawn dish soap or glycerin helps. A whisk can be especially fun use in this process.

Supply your child with an empty cereal box, colorful paper, paper towel or toilet paper tubes, glue or tape, and some markers or crayons. See what they create or encourage them to build a robot with super strength or a special skill like vacuuming.

Click on the following link to view a fun packet of activities:
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