May 18-22

For this week and next, we will be thinking about a very favorite book.  Our curriculum is centered around this book. We are incorporating letter recognition, rhyming, rhythm, movement, and repetition.  Our theme is: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr.  Have fun trying out these new activities!


“ABC” song: Hum it, whisper it, use different parts of the body, or a homemade shaker, to tap the beats in the song.

Discuss how many letters are in your name? Talk about the letters in each of your family’s names.

Fine Motor/Art: 

Write letters on a piece of paper. Dip a q-tip into paint and write over each letter.

Using a page from a grocery flyer, Look for the letters in your name and circle, color or cross out each letter. Repeat as much as you like.  Make a list of other simple words to find from the book. (3 letter words) Examples: TOP, TAG ,HUG, BED, SUN

Sensory/Mindfulness/Dramatic Play:

Creamy Coconut Play Dough:

Ingredients:1 cup cornstarch and 5 tbsps coconut scented hair conditioner

Method: Put 1 cup of cornstarch into a bowl, and then add 5 tablespoons of hair conditioner.

Make sure to mix each spoonful in one at a time until the final one, and then put your hands in to knead it into a ball. It shouldn’t be sticky but if it is for some reason, then take it out and continue to roll and knead it on a surface with cornstarch sprinkled onto it, until it is right.

If it is too dry then dip your fingertips into some conditioner and knead again.

When it is ready it will be wonderfully smooth, soft and squishy, like a ball of the softest playdough.


Make a pretend hospital for your stuffed animals/dolls. Each one needs help because they climbed a tree and fell out. Add pretend bandages and bandaids, make hospital beds out of found boxes or containers, make an appointment chart.  


Gross Motor/Yoga/Outdoors: 

Write some letters on large plastic cups, and then put them in a line. Stand back and roll or kick a ball to knock over one letter at a time. 


Write each letter of your name on a different piece of paper or paper plate. Spread them out in a circle. Have someone play music for you as you walk in the circle. Each time the music stops, freeze on the plate. Which letter did you land on? Then you can resume the music and play some more! 




STEM: Science/Engineering/Math

Experiment with things that roll down a ramp. A tilted surface is called an Inclined Plane. Prop one side of a flat surface up to or lean it against a chair or couch, or any hard vertical surface. Apply tape if needed. Examples: A slide, a tray, a metal cookie sheet, an empty bin, a book etc.  If you have cardboard tubing/towels you can send things that have wheels down a tube to.Test out a variety of things that roll or have wheels. Which goes the fastest? Which one is slower? Make a guess before they roll. Make a chart to track: fast/slow. Giraffes have played with these items at school using all types of balls, and hot wheels cars.


How many coconuts are on your tree? Draw as many coconuts as you’d like to be on your coconut tree. Then, count them and write the number at the bottom. Dictate “I have ___ coconuts on my tree”. Your child can either trace the number or write the number. Challenge: trace or copy the whole sentence. 


Curriculum- Gross motor (Bowling/Kickball): Try to move the cups closer and further apart from each other or stack them on top of each other or into a pyramid design. Which way was the easiest to knock them all down? Which way was the hardest?


Curriculum- Gross Motor (Musical Plates): Write the letters in your name as the letters on the plates. Each time you land on one, take it out of the circle and put it to the side. After you have landed on all of them, see if you can put the letters in the correct order that is in your name.


Curriculum- STEM (Ramp): Adjust how steep you make the ramp by propping it up in different ways (higher or lower). Does that affect how fast or slow it goes?


Circle- Rhyming Game: Find these items in your house and think of a word that rhymes with each of them: 

book, pot, pan, mug, bed

Small Group- Letter Recognition Game: Grab your name tag that you got from school. Close your eyes and point to a letter. Can you name the letter? Then trace it with your finger or a marker.

A book reading by Jackie: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom


Stringing beads to decorate their backpacks was a favorite activity at school. Shoe laces or pipe cleaners work well if you have them. Collect beads, buttons, noodles, anything that has a hole in it. You can put stickers on cardboard and punch out a hole or punch holes in old silk flower petals to make your own beads.

This activity will take a little bit of prep work. Tape some sheets of paper together to create a banner, write the whole alphabet or numbers 1-20. Using sticky notes or or index cards, write the same as what is on the banner. Hide the small set around the house (or in the playroom, whatever you’re most comfortable with). Have your child search and find the cards, then match them to the banner. This idea can be used for their names or a shorter number sequence. You can also extend it to be lower case letters or the quantity value of the number (i.e. for 5, draw five dots) written/shown on the smaller cards.

Movement Bingo

Click on the following link to view a fun packet of activities:
Full Day Activities Packet

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