HI Giraffes!  This week for our Spring theme, we are thinking about ANIMALS and CREATURES. Below you will find activities you can try, just like we do in the Giraffe classroom.  Remember, you can do these activities as many times as you like. Have Fun!


Look for birds and see if you can find any nests.  Use your binoculars to look for them.

Nature Scavenger Hunt:

Flower, water, Tree, spiderweb, bug, rocks, bird, tree bark, butterfly, grass, green leaf, brown leaf, ant, fern, cloud, sand or dirt


YouTube Video:  A Robin Making a Nest (Do your own search. There are many videos to watch.) 


Pretend to be a bird that flies, a frog that jumps, a squirrel that runs fast, a bunny that hops, a deer that gallops.  What other animals do you know that live outdoors?  How do they move?


Frog Pose: hold for a count of 5 and then jump!

Flower Breathing: Pretend to be holding a flower, breathe in, smell your flower and blow out, make all the petals blow away.  Try this 3x.  If you have real dandelions growing, it's fun to practice and watch all the parts float away.


Make a bird/squirrel feeder: String Cheerios, other types of cereal that will fit on a string.  Hang on a branch and watch what happens. Count how many cheerios are on your string.

In sand/dirt/mud, write the letters of your name with a sturdy stick/an extra pencil etc.


Cloud dough: 

8 cups of flour

1 1/2 cups of vegetable oil

Oil-based OR regular food coloring of your choice

If you have essential oils that are nice to add too.

Measure out flour, add some drops of food coloring, and then mix in oil. This is messy and fun to mix with your hands.  You should get a silky feeling consistency.


Journal idea: Finish the sentence, “If I was a bird, I would fly to _____” Draw a picture of your idea. 

Copy the word: BIRD What do you think a bird looks like? 

Make an animal’s nest with recycled materials: a paper bag any size, glue/tape of any kind/ scissors if you have, found materials such as: string, shredded paper, paper scraps, fabric scraps, paint or markers to color etc.  Fold/roll down sides of a paper bag to create the walls of a nest.  Decorate the inside and the outside of the bag with paint or markers.  Glue/tape onto and into the walls of your nest. 


Build with sticks and playdough(as mortar) to make homes for an animal.

Roll playdough into different sized balls to make eggs for your animals nest.  Which animals lay eggs? What kind of an animal hatches from an egg?  

Sink and float with natural materials. The Giraffes love to experiment with what sinks and floats in water. Find different nature items outside such as leaves, sticks, flower petals, grass, dandelions, and rocks. Place the items into a tub filled with water and see what happens! You can also make guesses and predict what each item will do beforehand! 


Nuts to you! by Lois Ehlert 

I See Spring by Charles Ghigna 

Fletcher and the Springtime Blossoms by Julia Rawlinson

“Grey Squirrel” song

“Grey Squirrel, Grey Squirrel swish your bushy tail”

“Grey Squirrel Grey Squirrel swish your bushy tail”

“Wrinkle up your little nose, put a nut between your toes”

“Grey Squirrel, Grey Squirrel swish your bushy tail”

*HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!*- Sunday, May 9, 2020

A book reading by Margot: Nuts to You


Curriculum- Outdoors section: Draw pictures of two different birds you see. How are they the same? How are they different?

Curriculum- Fine Motor section: After you write your name in the mud with a stick, jump to different letters and say the letter that you landed on.

Circle- Sink or Float: Find different sized sticks. Put them in order from biggest to smallest. Put them in a bucket of water and see if they sink or float.

Small group-Share: Draw a picture of your favorite thing to do with your mommy. Don’t forget to write your name on it!

Small Group- MOMMY Song: Sing the Mommy song,  but instead of saying the letters M-O-M-M-Y try blowing a kiss, clapping your hands, tapping your legs, or stomping your feet.


Create exercise stations where your child(ren) can do a variety of activities. One place can be to do jumping jacks, roll across the grass, shoot basketballs, kick a soccer ball at a goal/target… Remember you can use a timer or music to alternate activities and keep it upbeat and engaging.

Children enjoy looking at and/or reading books in their own comfy-cozy places. They can make their own cozy cube using blankets draped over furniture (clarifying where in the house this is permitted and where it isn’t), gather some pillows, stuffed animals and make a place to cuddle up and look at books quietly.

On the playground, the children really enjoy building, using pebbles or stones, they can make cairns. You can use them to pretend to go on a hike or look for treasure and the cairns are the trail markers.

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