HI Giraffes!  This week for our Spring theme, we are thinking about FLOWERS and PLANTING. Below you will find activities you can try, just like we do in the Giraffe classroom.  Remember, you can do these activities as many times as you like. Have Fun!


Play in the dirt outside, and add water to make mud. Use garden tools, or old kitchen utensils, muffin tins, pails and shovels.

Look for different types of flowers. How are they similar? How are they different? Which color did you find the most?  Don’t forget your binoculars.


Make a bowling alley.  Set up 4-6 empty water or soda bottles as the pins. You may need to put a weight inside the bottle to keep them upright.  Use a piece of tape on the ground or on a rug to mark where you stand.  Use a small ball or something that rolls to knock them over. 



Write your child’s name on a piece of paper. Then, have them pretend they are using seeds (can use beads, raisins, goldfish, cheerios etc.) or use real seeds if you have them. Use tweezers to place the items on each letter of their name. You can also try the same activity by writing the word SPRING on paper.  What other spring words can you think of?


Shaving cream and Cornstarch play dough: This is a fun and messy project. Take a bunch of shaving cream, add some drops of your favorite spring color (food coloring or liquid watercolor), add equal parts of cornstarch and mix with your hands to form some balls. If too sticky add more cornstarch, too dry add more shaving cream.


Here’s a new journal idea: Finish the sentence, “When it’s warm out, I _______”. Draw a picture of what you like to do when it is warm out. Have someone transcribe your picture. 

Flower painting projects:  With paint you can create paintings with some simple materials. Press the flat end of a fork into paint and press on paper.  Dip bottle caps into paint either side and press onto paper.  You can even paint your whole hand and press on paper, fingers open or closed.  What kinds of flowers did you make?


Grow a seed: Pick a seed (or bulb if you have one) and put it on a moist paper towel. Fold the paper towel in half with seed(s) inside.  Put it inside a plastic sandwich bag or container.  Keep it moist and see how long it takes to sprout. You can also hang your bag in a sunny window. 

Make a grassy caterpillar:  Materials needed:  1 leg of a pantyhose.  Light color preferred.  Cut off 1 leg of the pair.  Potting soil, grass seed, a pail or bucket to mix soil and seed, a spoon or shovel. A watering can or measuring cup to water. Fill the pail with potting soil, mix in enough grass seed so every scoop will have seed. Start filling pantyhose with mixture, and keep filling until about half way.  Pantyhose are stretchy.  This is the caterpillar’s body. Tie a knot at midway point. You can cut off extra hose.  If you have pipe cleaners or something to make antennae, push into the top of the head of the caterpillar.  You can add eyes and a mouth if you like with glue. Water your caterpillar and put in a sunny spot.  Soon the grass seed will grow.  Make sure it’s on a tray or something to catch excess water.  Water as needed. (when the hair grows long you can trim with scissors)

Make your own maze with sticks:  Draw a picture of a maze or a map on paper. Include a start and finish. This is your template.  Using a collection of sticks, make your maze.  Follow your template as a guide. Make it outside so you can make it big. When done play in your maze. 

A book reading by Carrie: What Makes a Rainbow?

A book reading by Jackie: The Carrot Seed
5 Calming Breaths by Jeanne: 5 Calming Breaths


Please click on the following link for some fun afternoon activities:
Afternoon Extension Activities

With your child(ren), build an obstacle course where they can run, crawl, jump/hop, and balance. You can use anything you have at home like sticks, cones, sports balls, tape on the ground as a balance beam, hula hoops to jump in/out of, and tunnels for crawling (if you have a jungle gym, that can be incorporated like climbing up and then going down the slide or swinging).

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