Giraffe SpringTime Curriculum

With the coming of the mild temperatures, sunny and rainy days, playing outdoors is probably something you enjoy doing now. There are so many signs of Spring. We’ve been thinking about Spring too. Below you will find activities you can try, just like we do in the Giraffe classroom.  Remember, you can do these activities as many times as you like. Have Fun!

Befriend a tree/bush in your yard that you notice. What can you hear, smell, see or touch?  Fill your backpack with things you would like to do while sitting under this tree. Bring a blanket and visit often. Go outside and look at the clouds. What do they look like? Are they dark? Does it look like it will rain? Are they white and puffy? Check again tomorrow and see if the clouds look the same.


Act out animals you might see on a farm during the spring. Can you roll like a pig in the mud? Waddle like a duck? Trot like a goat? Flap like a chick? Gallop like a horse? 


  • Go for a rain walk. Wear your rain boots and raincoat. What does the rain feel like? What does the sky look like? Jump in puddles.



Create a springtime collage: If you have colored paper, scrap paper, old wrapping paper etc..Choose colors you see outside in your backyard. Tear paper into small pieces. Tape or glue pieces of paper onto another sturdy surface, such as paper or cardboard.  If you have child sized scissors, cut small pieces of paper and glue or tape to make a springtime collage.(remember thumbs up to the ceiling when holding your scissors)


Make pastel/spring colored Oobleck 

  • Place 1 cup (8 oz) of cornstarch in a large bowl.

  • Add 4-5 drops of food coloring to 1/2 cup of water if you want a color.

    • Stir 1⁄2 cup (120 mL) of water into the cornstarch.

    • Test the Oobleck by grabbing a handful and trying to form a ball.



Make your own journal: Take several pieces of blank paper, same size is helpful, fold the papers in half.  Staple the folded sides to hold the journal together. Put your name on it. Here’s an idea: Finish the sentence, “When it’s warm out, I _______”. Draw a picture of what you like to do when it is warm out. Have someone transcribe your picture.


Tape together two toilet paper rolls and make a set of binoculars. You can even decorate them if you want. Bring the binoculars outside and look at the sky, the trees, in the grass and in the dirt for signs of spring.

    • Make a collection of rocks of different sizes.  Make a collection of sticks of different sizes. Use these materials to build with. Find 3 or more small rocks. See how many rocks you can balance by stacking them. Find 5 or more sticks. Can you put them in order from shortest to longest?  Create geometric shapes with the rocks and sticks. Try building a home for some small animals. 



    • Little Cloud by Eric Carle  Read alouds/YouTube: VidsWithRy soft and sweet music

    • “Row Row Row Your Boat” song with video/YouTube: Super Simple Songs



    Yoga with Brianna:  
    Yoga with Brianna


    A Special Book Reading by Carrie: What Makes a Rainbow



    Giraffe Full Day Extension Activities: Building Challenges

    • Build a home for your stuffed animals using objects around the house. You can use blocks, manipulatives, pillows, blankets, legos, etc. Be creative!



    Giraffe Full Day Extension Activities: Imagination
    Pretend you are a chef at a restaurant and cook some meals for your family or stuffed animals. The Giraffes were loving our very own restaurant in March. In order to do so, you can make: 

    *Menus with paper and any writing utensil “Pretend money” by coloring paper green with any writing utensil and then writing numbers on them to indicate the amount.

    *A table out of a cardboard box (have them color, paint or add stickers on to it!)

    *Use pillows as chairs and put them on the floor - we have pillows on the floor at our book area to sit on in the classroom 

    *“Pretend food” - use paper, cardboard boxes, scissors, markers, tissue boxes

    *Utensils, bowls, pots, pans - even use real ones! 

    * For the waiter, make a clipboard out of cardboard and then decorate with masking tape, markers, paint, etc. 

    *Have fun!

    If you'd like to print out the Giraffe below to color: Click Here


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