Hi Everyone,

We hope all our Giraffes are doing well, and everyone is healthy. We miss you all very much! Here are this week’s ideas to try out at your leisure.  The activities we list can be repeated as much as you like. In the Giraffe room we are all about repetition. Your child may come up with their own ways to do things as well. Have fun!




YouTube: Pinkfong! Kids’ songs: “Wheels on the Bus” song with words and video

The Learning Express:  “Brain Break Exercise” songs

“Head Shoulders Knees and Toes” song


Color mixing: Put a bunch of shaving cream and paint, liquid watercolor, or food coloring into a plastic bag. See what happens when you mix two colors together. For example, one bag that is blue and yellow, another that is red and blue, etc. Make sure you close the bag and then use packing tape or masking tape to keep it closed. Use your fingers to smush around the paint and the shaving cream in the bag. What new colors did you make when you mixed them together?

Activities to Try: 

Make a game using a clean and empty egg carton.  Write the numbers 1-12 in each of the sections of the egg carton.  Use anything you want to fill up the egg carton by matching how many items go with the number.  The game can be modified by only using dots for kids to count. This can get tricky once you get past 8.  Items to count with: pennies or other coins, pebbles, seeds, small hair accessories, etc. 

Write your name on paper and trace with glue. Add gems, sequins, glitter, etc.: by pinching and sprinkling on top of the glue. Glue can be sticky so you can use a spoon to sprinkle as well. When dry your name will be decorated!

Wishing you all the very best!  We will be in touch again soon.  

Love,  Jeanne, Brianna, Jackie, Margot and Carrie


Circle time with the Giraffes

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