Sticky note ABCs or 123s

Write the whole alphabet on sticky notes (make a set of lower or upper case, whichever your child is most familiar with). Using some wall space put them up all out of order. Have your child reorder them. If your child is working on spelling his/her name, make two sets of the sticky notes with the letters of the name. Stick one set to the wall and your child can match the second set to the wall. This can be done similarly with numbers, colors, and shapes. Once these sets are created, they can be reused or set up in stations around the room for your child to go through.

You’ll need some family members for playing:

“What Time Is It Mr. Fox?”

-one person is the fox and the other participants ask what time it is

-if the fox answers 5:00 then the participants take five steps towards the fox (and so on)

-when the fox answers lunch/dinner time, the participants run towards the starting point and if someone is tagged, he/she is the next fox

“Red Light, Green Light”

-one person is the lights and dictates red light/green light - red is stop, green is go (can make rules about how to move, i.e. walk/run/hop/skip…)

-the participants make their way towards the person being the lights

-see how close they get and choose another person to be the set of lights

“Fishy, Fishy, Cross My Ocean”

-choose a person to be the shark, who yells “fishy, fishy, cross my ocean!”

-everyone proceeds to run across to the other side of the game area

-if someone gets tagged, he/she becomes seaweed who stands still and reaches out to tag others running by in the next rounds

Make a stick and branch maze large enough to walk through. First design a simple maze on paper that you will use as a “map” .  Collect a bunch of sticks and branches( or leaves etc.) from around your house, use the “map” as a guide to build a maze. Have fun going through it!

ACTIVITY PACKET - Click on the following link for some fun activities

Activity Packet

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