Hi Bunny Friends,  👋 🐰 👫

Your Bunny Teachers are sending you a big Hug!!  🤗 Adrienne, Linda, Jean, Mary, Sara and Sandy have been thinking of some SPRING activities that you might enjoy trying this week. 

Now that SPRING has finally arrived, you can feel the warm sun when you are enjoying outside fun.  See if you can find any of these when you look out your window or walk outside. These are all signs that SPRING has sprung. 

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🏻‍Week of May 25


- Make a ramp using a large piece of cardboard. You can decorate it with spring colors. Experiment with rolling down different items of varying weights: plastic eggs, round rocks, cotton balls, etc. See which items go the farthest.

*See “Sensory” section


- Walk your neighborhood and see if you can point out something you see in all the colors of the Rainbow.

- Lily pad Leap - use chalk or large cardboard pieces to make large circles, or lily pad shapes, on your driveway. You can make a path or number them and ask your child to “leap” from one to the next. You could also add the letters of their name or other identifying feature for this fun and active game outside!


- Plant seeds Watch video of Sandy starting seeds in a plastic bag. Click on the following link   Growing seeds in a plastic bag

- Practice: Tracing different lines Spring Tracing Lines

Tracing a flower Flower tracing


-My Nest is Best by P.D. Eastman My Nest is Best, read-aloud by Mary


-Smell a flower real or pretend - Breath in, blow out slowly- Do this 3x


STEM   Make a colorful storm on paper.  Draw or dot on coffee filters or white paper - leave outside with a rock to hold in place.  Revisit after a rain to see what happens.

DRAMATIC PLAY    Have a tea party or picnic with all your favorite stuffed animals

LITERACY     Watch and listen to Max and Ruby  Hungry Bunnies, Three Max and Ruby Stories

Circle time with Jean: Jean's Circle Video

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