RAINBOW Week  - May11th - May 15th


Hi Bunny Friends. 👋 🐰 👫

Your Bunny Teachers send you a big Hug 🤗 Adrienne, Linda, Jean, Mary, Sara and Sandy have been thinking of some RAINBOW activities that you might enjoy trying this week.

We have learned about RED, ORANGE , YELLOW , GREEN , BLUE and PURPLE and the shapes HEART ❤️ , CIRCLE 🔘 , DIAMOND 🔸, TRIANGLE 🔼,RECTANGLE. ▭ and SQUARE 🔲

Now we get to  learn about 🌈 RAINBOWs .

Here are some activities that will help you learn about 🌈 RAINBOW’s .


FINE MOTOR/ART Have a grownup print the outline for a rainbow. Practice your coloring. Rainbow Coloring Sheets Combined.pd

GROSS MOTOR/STEM/ FINE MOTOR Make a windsock using a toilet paper roll and attach different colored yarn, string, or streamers to the end. You could also cut out a white cloud and decorate with a happy face. Run around outside and spread smiles!
STEM/FINE MOTOR/TURN TAKING Make a bingo board by cutting a piece of paper in half. Draw a three by three bingo square grid.

Randomly draw shapes, one in each bingo grid square. Some shapes will be used more than once.  (heart, circle, diamond, triangle, rectangle, square) Cut small square pieces of paper and draw a shape on it. You may need at least five of each shape. This will change depending on how many people are playing. Place the small pieces of square paper into a brown bag, or any bag that you can’t see through. Players take turns picking from the bag and stating the name of the shape. Any player who has the shape on their grid will cover only one of that shape. First person to cover their entire board wins.

GROSS MOTOR Rainbow Color Hunt Go on a Scavenger Hunt around the house or yard to find objects of all the colors of the rainbow. 
LITERACY Watch  Sara’s Recorded video of “The Chameleon Colors Book” - Click on the following link: The Chameleon Colors Book


  • FINE MOTOR/ART Wrap elastics around crayons and make your own rainbow pictures on white paper. Add a bunch of cotton balls to each end for clouds.

  • FINE MOTOR/SENSORY Rainbow Toast Set out small cups of milk. Add a drop or two of food coloring of different colors to the milk. Children then paint white bread with colored milk using clean brushes or q tips. Set under a broiler to toast. 

  • GROSS MOTOR/FINE MOTOR/TURN TAKING Muffin Tin Color Match : Use colored paper. Rip a piece of each color paper in half: red, orange, yellow, green and blue. Have the child crumble each piece as tight as they can into a paper ball. Place the paper balls into a bowl. Take a cupcake tray and place a different piece of colored  paper in the bottom of each tray space. The child will scoop up a paper ball with a large kitchen spoon and walk it to the cupcake tray and place the ball into the matching color tray space. The goal of the game is to match the colors correctly and walk without dropping the ball off the spoon


A book reading with Sara: Rainbow Book
Circle time with Linda: Circle Time with Linda

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