PURPLE  Week  - May 4th - May 8th


Hi Bunny Friends. 👋 🐰 👫

Your Bunny Teachers send you a big Hug 🤗 Adrienne, Linda, Jean, Mary, Sara and Sandy have been thinking of some PURPLE activities that you might enjoy trying this week.

We have learned about RED, ORANGE , YELLOW , GREEN and BLUE and the shapes HEART ❤️ , CIRCLE 🔘 , DIAMOND 🔸, TRIANGLE 🔼 and RECTANGLE. ▭ The next color in the 🌈 RAINBOW is PURPLE and the shape we will be learning is a SQUARE 🔲

Here are some activities that will help you learn about the color PURPLE and the shape SQUARE..  ENJOY!  


GROSS MOTOR/ART  Make a kite out of PURPLE construction paper. If you do not have PURPLE paper color it in with PURPLE markers, crayons or paint. Run in the backyard and watch it fly

SENSORY/STEM  Ice Cube Fun - Make Purple- Make red and blue ice cubes using water with food coloring.  When frozen, put 1 red and 1 blue ice cube in a ziplock bag and seal with tape. When the ice melts you will have Purple.  You can add popsicle sticks before freezing and use them to paint with.  This is best done outside as it can get messy and it will stain.

FINE MOTOR/STEM/ART  Have a grownup cut a piece of paper into a square. Use tape (colored tape works best)  to make columns and rows.This will form a grid of many squares. Color each square in the grid a different color. Count all the squares, how many red, how many blue etc…

FINE MOTOR Have a grownup draw a square on paper ( you could also use masking tape on a table to make a square ). Have a variety of things that can be lined up on the outline to make a square. Uncooked pasta, matchbox cars, legos, cheerios etc.Count how many items made the square outline.
LITERACY  Watch White Rabbits color Book on YouTube.

White Rabbit's Color Book


  • GROSS MOTOR/STEM Another way to enjoy a kite (with adult supervision) you can use a recycle bag by tying string to the handles and decorating with stickers. Fly on a windy day.

    FINE MOTOR/STEM Draw your own square by connecting 4 dots a parent has put on the paper for each corner of your square shape.  Have children draw lines down and across to connect dots.  Want another challenge?  Have your child color square in purple trying to keep colors inside the square shape. 

    LITERACY Play I Spy using all the colors of the rainbow! 

    FINE MOTOR/STEM Using the cloud dough recipe add red food color to one batch and blue to the other and as they play with it will become purple. If you have red and blue playdough or model magic you can do the same.

    10 Fun Cloud Dough Recipes for Sensory Play


Circle Time with JeanCircle time with Jean
A book reading by Jean: Biscuit Feeds the Pets

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