Green Week  - April 13 - 17th

Hi Bunny Friends, 👋 🐰 👫 

Your Bunny Teachers send you a big Hug 🤗 Adrienne, Linda, Jean, Mary, Sara and Sandy have been thinking of some GREEN activities that you might enjoy trying this week.

Before all of our stay home 🏡 days we learned about RED, ORANGE and YELLOW and the shapes HEART ❤️ , CIRCLE 🔘 and DIAMOND 🔸 The next color in the rainbow 🌈 is GREEN and the shape we will be learning is a TRIANGLE 🔼

Here are some activities that will help you learn about the color GREEN and the shape TRIANGLE 🔼.  ENJOY!  

  • Have a grownup draw TRIANGLE shapes on the driveway close together (you can pretend they are lily pads) and practice jumping like a frog to each one. Your grownup can add letters or numbers to make it more challenging. This is a fun outside activity.
  • Spaghetti painting! - Make a half box or full box spaghetti (depending on how many children are playing).  You might want to use just a touch of oil, so the pasta doesn’t all stick together. Let spaghetti cool. Separate out small batches of the spaghetti, lining up on white paper on your table.  (Rolls of white drawing/craft paper are perfect for this!) When ready, add a small amount of tempera paint (or food coloring) into the batches of spaghetti. —, you can use blue in 1 batch of spaghetti, and yellow in another batch of spaghetti. —— Play with the spaghetti!  The two will eventually meet and mix, creating our green! —— The spaghetti will also create some fun shapes and designs. 
  • Make binoculars out of paper towel rolls. They can decorate with green markers, add tape or stickers to them and then go explore (in the house or backyard). If a grownup is with you make a list of everything you see that is green.
  • With the weather warming up plant grass seed in a recycled box, water as needed, watch the green grass sprout up.  Once fully grown, with adult supervision, snip with children’s scissors. You can add plastic snakes and bugs. Should last for weeks of fun & exploration.
  • Color Run    Walk around the house and collect a few items that are red, orange, yellow and green.  For example: a sock, t-shirt, hat, small toy. Take the items outside and scatter them in the backyard. Place one red, orange, yellow paper and green on the ground. Yell out a color and have the child run as fast as they can, pick up one item, run back and place it on the correct color paper that is on the ground. You can time them with a stopwatch, or count out loud to see how fast they go.
  • You will need a grownup to make some ice cubes for you. By using a few drops of food coloring to each section they can make some blue and some yellow ice cubes. When the ice is frozen paint on paper with one yellow ice cube and one blue mixing the two colors. You could also add an ice cube of each color to a bowl and use a turkey baster to dribble warm water to the bowl. See what happens!


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