Hi Bunny Friends,
We send hugs and can't wait until we are all playing together again.
While we have these stay home days your teachers have been thinking about you and thinking of some fun activities you might want to try. 
Have fun!
Adrienne, Linda, Jean, Mary, Sara, and Sandy

* Dig in the dirt, paint with mud, weed out the gardens together, give kids a bucket and collect acorns

www.Busytoddler.com -activities for all ages

* Cut out simple different blue shapes ie., circle, square & triangle, etc. Cut out enough for all players to be successful. Play familiar music and periodically stop music and shout out a shape and children quickly stand on the shape that’s called.  Restart music, repeat. Same as musical chairs but with shapes.

*  Bubble wrap painting - - (As usual with the art projects I think of, a tarp on the floor is always helpful. If you don’t have a tarp, an old tablecloth will do.)  If you have any bubble wrap from packaging, tape the ends to a table, or linoleum kitchen floor. (Painters tape is best, as it’s not overly sticky.) Break out the washable paints!  Using hands are fun to paint on the bubble wrap.   

— Since orange was the second color that we focused on in the Bunny classroom, your child can try mixing red and yellow paints together on the bubble wrap.  The wrap is usually made of circles, too, so that would also fit into our “orange-paint/circle-shape week”! Depending on how drippy/thick the paint is, you might be able to hang the bubble wrap to dry on a sliding glass door to the outside.  It’s very pretty when the sun shines through!

* Dress up has been a favorite in the Bunny room. Just provide the clothing and let their imaginations do the rest.  Capes are fun as well. We call them “super friends” when they put one on.
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