Hi Bunny Friends,

We are missing all of you and send big hugs to each of you. While you are enjoying your stay home days we thought these ideas might be fun to do with your family.

Be well and enjoy,

Adrienne, Linda, Jean, Mary, Sara, Sandy

1. Puffy paint clouds: Could be good for “blue week,” as well as weather discussions, maybe a rainy day. Materials: blue construction paper (2-5 sheets), plain, white shaving cream, white glue (like school glue), a spoon & bowl for mixing and cotton balls/batting… or sponges. Mix 3/4 cup of shaving cream to 1/4 cup glue. Dip the “cotton clouds” or sponges in the mixture, and dab on the paper. Let dry … the paint should dry puffy! If your child would like, add some flowers, your family, or a drawing at the bottom. Get ready for Spring!

2. Create your own books- staple or tape a few sheets of paper together and get out the markers, crayons and pencils. Kids love being authors and illustrators. Adults/older children can help write the words to their stories. 

3. Soap Bubble Recipes you can make a variety of bubble wands to use with recipe.

4. Set up a tent inside the house. Make it cozy, cut out stars, other shapes to hang inside and bring in flashlights, picture books. See at what time of day you can even make shadow puppets, etc. Venture out on a virtual Bear hunt, singing and adding to known version of “Going on a Bear Hunt”

5. Practice our yoga poses: child pose, squirrel, waterfall, tree, frog, downward dog (don't forget to wiggle your tail), happy baby and Do Nothing Doll. Hold each yoga pose for a count of three.

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