Week of 6/8




Literacy: Counting Book 1-10: Have your Turtle practice counting with a Bug Counting Book! On each page your Turtle can draw the number of bugs on the page!

Fine Motor/Art: Recycled art Bug: Search around your house for some recycled materials that you can turn into a bug! Paper towel rolls, egg cartons, plastic bottles, the possibilities are endless!

Sensory/Mindfulness/Dramatic Play: mud kitchen: Go outside and get messy! Try setting up a “mud kitchen” using containers of dirt and water. Your Turtle can experiment with making whatever kind of mud they like.

Gross Motor/Yoga/Outdoor/Games: Bug Scavenger Hunt: Next time you play outside or take a walk, check out all the bugs around you! See how many different kinds of bugs you can find.

STEM: Color worms by size: Have your Turtle practice comparing sizes with our worm coloring page! Each size worm gets colored a different color! See if your Turtle can color all the worms to match the key.



Circle time: During circle this week we moved our bodies like bugs with all of our yoga! See if you can move one of your stuffed animals or your own body like all of the different bugs on our movement chart.

Insect Gross Motor Zillycreate.wordpress.com

Literacy: counting book 11-20: If your Turtle is looking for an extra challenge, have them add the numbers 11-20 into their bug counting book!

Fine Motor/Art: Recycled art bug: Now that you’ve made a bug out of recycled art, see if you can make a home for your bug out of recycled materials or even make a bug friend!

Sensory/Mindfulness/Dramatic Play: Mud Kitchen: Once you’ve made some mud with your mud kitchen, see what you can add. You could add tools, sticks, leaves, rocks, or anything else you want!

Gross Motor/Yoga/Outdoor/Games: Bug Scavenger Hunt: Now that you’ve been finding bugs outside, see if your Turtle can decide if the bugs you see are insects or not! Check for three body parts, two antennae, and six legs!

STEM: Color worms by size: Challenge your Turtle to draw their very own worms in different sizes! See if they can draw a small, medium, and large worm. You can ask them to compare their worms by using words like “larger, smaller, largest, and smallest”




 These are fun videos to learn about insects  Insects , Stages of a Butterfly and a live video of a caterpillar turning into a Monarch butterfly Time lapse of the changing of a  monarch butterfly.

Children really enjoy tracking the growth of plants and measuring a variety of things. Using a ruler or tape measure walk around and measure different items in the house or backyard. What is the longest and what is the shortest? What is the same length as their foot?

Using stones/pebbles with small sticks, make a mosaic. Take a picture and start again.


Turtle Team Reads:  Bugs, Bugs, Bugs
Turtle Team Sings: Where do you start your letters, S, T, U

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