For 5/18


Hello Turtles! 

Hope you are enjoying some time outside! This week we are going to explore spring! Here are some activities to do with your family around spring! 



Spring Word Cards/ pictures: There are so many words that deal with springtime! Check out our “Spring Word Cards” and have your Turtle practice copying the words. You can also print the cards out and let your Turtle color the cards!

Spring Words

Fine Motor/Art:

Loose parts/leaf art: Something really fun to do with “loose parts” found in spring (twigs, leaves, flowers, rocks, dirt, seeds, etc.) is to create art! Have your Turtle collect some spring items and see what he/she can create. They can make a collage or try making people and animals out of their “loose parts”

Sensory/Mindfulness/Dramatic Play:

Water Play: With the warmer weather coming, this is a great time to utilize a favorite activity in the Turtle classroom, water play! Try filling a large bucket, bowl, pot, or even the bathtub full of water and let your Turtle explore! You can add measuring cups, spoons, and utensils and encourage your Turtle to practice pouring or stirring the water.

Gross Motor/Yoga/Outdoor Nature based/Games:

Nature Walk activity sheet: Add some fun to outside time using our Nature Walk checklist! See if you and your Turtle can find all the items on the checklist while you play outside or take a walk around the neighborhood.

Nature Walk

STEM- Math, Science, Building:

Roll a flower game: Try this dice game with your Turtle. As your Turtle rolls a dice, they can color each corresponding part of the flower. They can play until they have a complete flower! If your Turtle rolls a number they have already colored they just roll the dice again! We have also included a guide to help your Turtle match the dice number to the number on the flower. 

Color a Sunflower                                        Dice Dots & Numbers


For Thursday 5/21



Spring Word Cards/Pictures: See if your Turtle can think of some new spring words to add to the collection. You can help them write the word and they can draw the picture that matches.  

Fine Motor/Art:

Loose Parts/Leaf Art: Once your Turtle has created some “loose parts” art, have them explore outside for even more spring “loose parts” to add! If your Turtle created a person or animal, encourage them to add something else to their picture such as a background, a scene, or a friend to their “loose parts” masterpiece!

Sensory/Mindfulness/Dramatic Play:

Water Play: Have your Turtle explore water play even further by discovering what happens when you put various spring items into the water. Do they float or sink? Do they change the color of the water? Do they create bubbles? Ask your Turtle what they can find out!

Gross Motor/Yoga/Outdoor Nature based/Games:

Nature Walk Activity Sheet: Once your Turtle has completed the Nature Walk activity sheet, see if they can come up with their very own items to search for outside! Your Turtle could also create a book about nature by cutting the different items out and attaching them together.

STEM- Math, Science, Building:

Roll a Flower Game: After your Turtle has finished their flower, encourage them to cut some grass out of paper to glue to their flower picture. They could also cut out a sun to give their flower the sunshine it needs. If your Turtle has been enjoying “loose parts” art, they could combine the two activities by using real grass to glue or tape onto their flower. They could also glue on soil to help their flower “grow”.

From Small Group:

Social Story for Wearing Masks


Stringing beads to decorate their backpacks was a favorite activity at school. Shoe laces or pipe cleaners work well if you have them. Collect beads, buttons, noodles, anything that has a hole in it. You can put stickers on cardboard and punch out a hole or punch holes in old silk flower petals to make your own beads.

This activity will take a little bit of prep work. Tape some sheets of paper together to create a banner, write the whole alphabet or numbers 1-20. Using sticky notes or or index cards, write the same as what is on the banner. Hide the small set around the house (or in the playroom, whatever you’re most comfortable with). Have your child search and find the cards, then match them to the banner. This idea can be used for their names or a shorter number sequence. You can also extend it to be lower case letters or the quantity value of the number (i.e. for 5, draw five dots) written/shown on the smaller cards.

Movement Bingo

Click on the following link to view a fun packet of activities:
Full Day Independent Activities Packet

Turtle Team Reads: Spring is Here & Spring
Turtle Team Sings: Where Do You Start Your Letters L, M, N, O

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