For week of 5/4

Hello Turtles!!!!

This week we are focusing on animals! We look forward to seeing you and your favorite stuffed animal or animal toy at live circle! 

Fine Motor:Animal Drawing: One important fact about animals is where they live! Have your Turtle draw an animal in the animal’s natural habitat. For example, your Turtle could draw a picture of a Panther living in the jungle or an octopus living in the ocean. Here are some habitats to choose from:

Science:Life Cycle: Our 5 Green and Speckled Frogs from our song this week didn’t start out as frogs! Have your Turtle color in the life cycle chart for a frog. From egg all the way through to a frog.Printable Frog Life Cycle

Math:Survey: Your Turtle can use the Survey template to ask the other people if they like Dogs or Bears! The template is a “yes or no” question where your Turtle can practice making a check mark to represent the answer of each person they ask the question. Your Turtle can practice counting up the responses to find the results of the survey!

Printable Survey Template

Gross Motor: Build a Bear Cave: Your Turtle can build a “bear cave” out of any material they’d like. Build a bear cave out of Legos for toys to fit in, or have your Turtle try building a bear cave big enough to fit themselves in using pillows or cushions.

Gross Motor: Animal Walk: Take a walk around your neighborhood and see how many animals you and your Turtle can spot. You might see dogs, cats, bunnies, birds, and lots of different bugs!

Turtle Team Sings: Where do you start your letters Turtle Team Sings: Where do you start your letter 2 Turtle Team Reads: Families, Families, Families & Animal Yoga


Connection to Live Groups: Make your own “5 Green and Speckled Frog” puppets to act out the song. Printable puppets

Math: Survey: At the bottom of the Printable Survey Template, there are some blank spaces! See what other types of “yes or no” questions your Turtle wants to ask! Feel free to get creative. For more responses, try calling some family or friends to ask the survey question over the phone or video chat!

Fine Motor: Animal Drawing: Ask your Turtle if they can think of more animals to add to their picture that share the same habitat! There are lots of animals that live in the ocean, jungle, forest, etc.

Science: Life Cycle: Now that your Turtle has had practice coloring the life cycle of a frog, they can try and cut out the different phases of a frog’s life and try to place them in the correct order.

Gross Motor: Build a Bear Cave: What other types of animal dwellings can your Turtle create? Can they create another bear cave using different materials? Maybe your Turtle can create an outdoor bear cave using sticks, twigs, or other materials they can find! If your Turtle has some favorite stuffed animals, he/she could try building a home for that stuffed animal!

Gross Motor: Animal Walk: When taking an animal walk, see which type of animal you and your Turtle see the most. Make predictions before starting your walk and see if you were correct!

FULL DAY ACTIVITIES Create exercise stations where your child(ren) can do a variety of activities. One place can be to do jumping jacks, roll across the grass, shoot basketballs, kick a soccer ball at a goal/target… Remember you can use a timer or music to alternate activities and keep it upbeat and engaging.
Children enjoy looking at and/or reading books in their own comfy-cozy places. They can make their own cozy cube using blankets draped over furniture (clarifying where in the house this is permitted and where it isn’t), gather some pillows, stuffed animals and make a place to cuddle up and look at books quietly.
On the playground, the children really enjoy building, using pebbles or stones, they can make cairns. You can use them to pretend to go on a hike or look for treasure and the cairns are the trail markers.

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