For Wednesday 4/29 

Happy Birthday to Eleanor! 

Hello Turtles!

This week we are focusing on counting! How high can you count? Here are some counting activities to do with your families.


Sensory/ Math: Treasure Hunt is a great way to enjoy some sensory play at home! Use your favorite sensory material (i.e. shaving cream, rice, flour, beans, etc.) and hide some small items/toys in it for your Turtle to find. 

Literacy/Math: Make your Own Counting Book: Please print out and add color. Add drawings, dots, stickers to each page to match the number. Cut and staple to create your book! Click on link to print: Counting Book 1-10 

Math: Practice Counting! Count feet, heads, eyes, legs, fingers, toes, etc., and fill out this chart:Printable chart 

Math/Around the House: How many people are in your house?  Set the table for the correct amount (plates, forks, spoons, napkins, cup)

Game/Math: How many am I hiding?: This is a great partner game for your Turtle to play with someone else in your house. Start out with 5 of the same object. One person closes their eyes (the guesser)  and the other takes away a portion of the 5 items(The hider). The “guesser’s” job is to figure out how many items were taken by counting the remaining items. Example: If the “guesser” counts 3 items left, they can count up to five and figure out that the “hider” has 2 items. If your turtle needs support during this activity, he/she can have another separate “full set” of 5 items. 

VIDEO FROM THE CLASSROOM A special video from the classroom: Turtle Team Read Another special video from the classroom: Turtle Team Dance

FULL DAY ACTIVITIES With your child(ren), build an obstacle course where they can run, crawl, jump/hop, and balance. You can use anything you have at home like sticks, cones, sports balls, tape on the ground as a balance beam, hula hoops to jump in/out of, and tunnels for crawling (if you have a jungle gym, that can be incorporated like climbing up and then going down the slide or swinging).

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