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Week of 6/15




Literacy: Fiction/Non-fiction: Have your Turtle find their favorite book at home and decide if it is fiction or not. See if your Turtle can figure it out on their own or a family member can help them decide!

Fine Motor/Art: Cut out an ant: Use our template to color and then cut out the different parts of an ant! Use tape or glue to stick all the parts together to create your own ant.  

Ant Cut Out 

Sensory/Mindfulness/Dramatic Play: Ant Fun: Pretend to be an ant at home! Create an ant hill or ant burrow using items around your house.

Gross Motor/Yoga/Outdoor/Games: Sidewalk/outdoor art: Use chalk on the sidewalk or driveway, paper and markers while you sit outside, or even try water and a brush. See what kind of masterpieces you can create outside!

STEM: Feeding Ants: OUTSIDE ACTIVITY: Place a small piece of food somewhere in your yard that is far away from the house and leave it overnight, check back the next day to see if ants have come to have a snack!



Video Extension: “The Ants Go Marching” When the ants went one by one the little ant stopped to suck his thumb. When the ants went two by two the little one stopped to tie his shoe. When the ants went three by three the little one stopped to climb a tree. See what rhyme you can think of for when the ants go four by four and five by five.

Literacy: Fiction/Non-fiction: Use other books in your house to decide if they are fiction or non-fiction. Have your Turtle decide if your house has more fiction or non-fiction books!

Fine Motor/Art: Cut out an Ant: Once you have colored and cut out your ant, see what you can add to your ant art! Maybe you can draw a background, find grass to glue on for your ant, or make some more ant friends.

Sensory/Mindfulness/Dramatic Play: Ant Fun: After you build your ant home, pretend you are an ant carrying heavy things in and out of your home. Use your ant strength to carry heavy pillows or cushions in and out of the ant home!  

Gross Motor/Yoga/Outdoor/Games: Sidewalk/Outdoor Art: Ask your family to take a walking tour of your sidewalk art museum! You can also ask to take a picture of your art on a phone and send it to family/friends.

STEM: Feeding Ants: Add two different kinds of food to your outdoor area. Make a prediction which of the foods the ants will like the most. Check back the next day to see what food they have eaten the most!


 These are fun videos to learn about insects  Insects , Stages of a Butterfly and a live video of a caterpillar turning into a Monarch butterfly Time lapse of the changing of a  monarch butterfly.

Children really enjoy tracking the growth of plants and measuring a variety of things. Using a ruler or tape measure walk around and measure different items in the house or backyard. What is the longest and what is the shortest? What is the same length as their foot?

Using stones/pebbles with small sticks, make a mosaic. Take a picture and start again.


Turtle Team Reads:  Ants

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