Week of 6/8

Hi Armadillo Families,

This week we continue with our transportation theme and will focus on ways to travel over land.

We hope your children have fun with these activities.

Stay well,

Peggy, Carol, Shayna and Linda.


Fine Motor/Writing-
Using the “Trace to Race” sheet, trace over the cars’ routes with your finger and then use a marker or crayon to trace again. If you have small stickers, those can be used as a different way to trace the lines of the cars. When you have finished with the routes, carefully color the cars. 

Literacy/ Fine Motor-
 Make road signs by cutting out shapes.  Copy words on the shapes and color.  Tape straws or sticks for the signs so they can stand in playdough, model magic or sand.     

-Measure the distance of how far a toy vehicle can travel by building a track. Using at least one paper towel tube and tape, build the start of the track. You can tape more than one tube together to make it longer or with curves. Then with a ruler, yardstick, or a tape measure, make a line on a piece of paper (or more pages taped together, if you want it longer) or outside on the ground with chalk. Mark each one inch point on your track with the number increment. Line up your tube track with the measurement paper or spot on the ground and send your matchbox cars through. How many inches did they travel?                                                              

Plastic jar race.  Fill round plastic jars with materials (i.e. pom poms, small toys or figurines, dry pasta, pebbles, leggos). Try rolling on the floor or down a slide. See which go faster, farther, etc. Change amounts in containers to see if that affects speed and distance.

Sensory  Shaving cream fun.  Put shaving cream in a container or on a tray.  Drive vehicles through. 


Fine Motor/Writing Extension: Using sand, salt or cornmeal on a flat tray, copy the routes from the paper or create a new route by drawing with your finger. Or use vehicles to “drive” through the sand and notice what kinds of tracks that the vehicles make.

Literacy/Fine Motor Extension: Tape roads:  Use colored tape (painter’s or low tack tape) on your rugs or floor to create roads. Add the signs you made and some vehicles to play with

Building/STEM Extensions:                                                                                         -Please see the video of measuring vehicle distances.                                               -Tape pennies on small toy cars.  Race them down a slide or board placed on an incline.  Try adding and subtracting coins or use different size coins.                                                                                                                      

Sensory Extension:  Have a separate tub of water for a car wash.


A book reading by Carol: Go, Dog, Go
A measuring activity with Shayna: Measuring Vehicle Distances
A book reading by Peggy:  The Little Engine That Could
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