Week of 5/25

Hi Armadillo families,

Here are some more activities about bugs. We hope you have fun trying some of these.

Stay well,

Carol,Shayna, Peggy and Linda

Using the provided butterfly page, carefully color the pictures and cut them out. Put them in order and staple together (or glue them into a booklet of folded papers). You can tell the story of its life as an adult helps you to write your narrated words. If you don’t have access to the butterfly page, you can draw the following four stages: small round eggs on a leaf, caterpillar eating a leaf, chrysalis hooked onto a leaf or twig, and a butterfly (wings open to dry and then fly away).

Fine Motor: 
Thumb/fingerprint bugs: using an ink pad, small amount of paint in a tray or even washable markers to color the pad of your finger, Press thumb or finger into color, then on to a piece of paper, to make the bugs body. Add legs, head, wings, eyes, antennae

OR Cork bugs:  Find a cork and follow instructions above Science/Art:                                                                                                                 

You can create an ant using one toilet paper tube, tape, and some paper or extra cardboard. First cut the tube into thirds and then tape them together in a row (the flat sides touching). Then using paper or extra cardboard you can cut out 6 legs and 2 antennas to tape on. Decorate your ant with markers or maybe even glitter..

Make your own finger paint: In a sauce pan, mix 4 tablespoons of sugar and 1/2 cup cornstarch together. Add 2 cups of cold water and heat over medium heat until the mixture is thick (the mixture will further thicken as it cools). Divide into four or more containers, and add food coloring as desired.

Grab some paper and a writing utensil and go outside. During a walk with your family or in your backyard, tally how many ant hills you see. Be careful not to step on their homes and when you get back home, count how many ant hills you observed.

EXTENSIONS                                                                                                                  Literacy Extension: Please see butterfly the video about the life cycle of a butterfly.

Fine Motor Extension: Color a background for the bugs. Think about what a bug environment consists of- grass, dirt, grass, plants, sun, sky. Cut out individual bugs and glue them into the environment.

Science/Art Extension: Please see the video for more information and fun facts about ants.

Sensory Extension: Butterfly Symmetry painting. Fold a piece of paper in half, and cut out a butterfly shape. Open the butterfly and paint on just one side/half of the butterfly shape. Fold the butterfly in half and gently smooth the paint between the two sides of the butterfly.

Outdoor/Nature STEM Extension: Outside use sand or dirt to build an ant hill.  Use a skinny stick to poke holes for the ants to travel through. Use little rocks as your” ants” or draw and cut out some to add to your ant hill.

A book reading by Peggy: The Story of Ferdinand A book reading by Shayna: Be Nice to Spiders A fun activity with Shayna: Butterfly Activity A fun activity with Shayna: Ant Body Activity 1

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