Activities for week of 4/27 



-A list of foods that regrow in water and directions to do so. Celery works really well and begins to grow from the center after 3-4 days. 

Science/Fine Motor:

 -Do you have any extra grass seed? Try planting some in a 9x11 baking pan. Leave it near a window, water it and watch it grow. As it grows you can “mow” your inside lawn by using scissors and cutting the grass. Then let it grow some more and cut again and again. 

Fine Motor:

-Cupcake paper flowers:  Find cupcake papers in your kitchen and make flowers.  Color or draw on the papers.  You can leave as is or do some cutting to change the shape such as folding the paper in half, cutting small triangles out of the top edges, and unfolding the paper.  Then glue it on paper or tape it to a stick.  You can also punch a small hole in the middle and put a pipe cleaner or stick through the hole.   You can add leaves or stems if you are placing them on paper. Make a bouquet for a family member! Find an empty drink container such as a small bottle or yogurt bottle to hold the bouquet.

-Or egg carton tulips: Using cardboard egg cartons, cut apart the 12 sections, making 12 small cup-like pieces. You can color them with markers or crayons. Make a few cuts from the top of the open end of one of the cup shapes and slightly bend back the “petals”.  Poke a hole in the bottom and push a stick through to make a stem. Or use glue or tape to attach it to a piece of paper and either cut and glue or color stems and leaves.


Pet Worm: Find an old sock.  Stuff with materials such as other socks, paper or material.  Tie segments off with string, yarn, ribbon, or like material.  Color eyes with markers, pen or crayons or glue on google eyes if available.  Name your pet!

 Literary Extension:

Cloud Gazing: Together, read the story, “It Looked Like Spilt Milk” by Charles Shaw. If you don’t have a copy, you can view the video of Linda reading the book on the TCW YouTube channel!  Spend some time outside looking up at the clouds as they roll by and share your thoughts about what those clouds look like. If you want to extend the experience, you can take turns making up stories or draw pictures of what you see. 


A book reading by Peggy:  Planting a Rainbow
A fun video with Shayna:  How to Grow Celery
A book reading by Carol: Chrysanthemum
A book reading by Shayna: Happy Right Now
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