Hi Armadillo Families,
We hope you find these suggestions helpful and fun!
Please let your children know we are thinking of them.
Stay safe and healthy,

The Armadillo Team, Peggy, Carol, Shayna, and Linda

https://www.discoveryacton.org/education/discovery-home There are lots of fun ideas here for 
both indoor and outdoor activities.

Sort money, beads, buttons, or even cereal in a muffin container.  
If it’s raining outside and your child’s bike has training wheels, you can try to make the bike stationary (like in a spin class). Place a pair of adult shoes under the training wheels/the training wheels into the adult shoes. This should raise the bike just enough that the back wheel spins but the bike remains stationary.

The Armadillos really enjoy conducting surveys in the classroom with their friends about favorite foods, colors, if they have a certain type of pet etc.. If you are out and about walking in your neighborhood or exploring your backyard use a survey format to count/track what is observed. Grab a clipboard or notebook and make columns and rows enough for some counting.

For example:
Circle (draw a circle) IIII
Square (draw a square) II_
Triangle (draw a triangle) ______III_
You can do shapes, types of cars, colors of houses, squirrels/birds/dogs, pretty much anything they see outside.
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