Hi Armadillos, We miss you and hope you are finding ways to keep busy during this extended stay-at-home time. Here are some more ideas we thought you might like to try.

Stay well,   Carol, Shayna, Linda and Peggy

Great website where each weekday at 1:00 Mo Willems is live. There are, also, archived episodes. Mo Willems 

Just in case anyone is missing Count to100 Count to 100

Or the Sit Down, Stand Up Song Stand up Sit down Song

One of the upcoming activities that we had planned for our science table was to make crystals. You will need salt, sugar, two jars, Popsicle sticks/pencils, string/pipe cleaners, a spoon, and boiled water. The start of this project does require adult supervision, but the observation that happens over the next few days can be independent. The following is a Pinterest link with more specifics. 
Making Crystals

Journal/bookmaking - During small group time, one of the activities we sometimes do is work in our journals (I use one too with them). This is something you can recreate by folding paper in half and stapling into a booklet. With your child(ren), you can all draw the same thing, make a picture following up a story you’ve read, use mirrors to draw self portraits or have your child(ren) draw a portrait of you/a sibling/family pet… 

Mindful moments:
 We often take a moment for three deep breaths before starting clean up time, or at the transition time between one activity and the next. We also practice candle breaths:hold your index finger out in front of your mouth, take a deep breath in and let it out as if you are blowing out a candle, OR pizza breath: hold your hand out in front of your face as if you are holding a slice of pizza. Take a breath in, then let it out, pretending you are blowing on your pizza to cool it off. 
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