ARMADILLO CLASS: We've been learning about the Post Office.

The Armadillo kids love watching the birds at our bird feeder mounted on our window. Now that spring is coming and the birds will begin to make nests.  Here is an activity that will encourage the kids to continue their bird watching at home. Using a net bag like those that onions are often packaged in, you can create a “shopping bag” of materials birds use to build nests. Among the items could be sticks, twigs, leaves, seed pods, dried grass or straw etc, collected in your yard or during a “nature walk”. Items found in your home include old pieces of yarn, pet hair, dryer lint, scrap pieces of ribbon and stuffing from an old pillow. Fill the bag and hang it from a low tree branch, fence post or porch railing. Watch as birds come by and “shop” from the bag, then look around your home or neighborhood for nests that were built using some of those materials.

Suggestions for at home fun:

Cut straws and string them.
Use contact paper and find items such as cotton balls to make a mural.
   Make a family obstacle course both inside and outside. 
   Paint with toothbrushes, combs, or any other items found around home
   Cut up magazines, old greeting cards, wrapping paper, or flyers to  make collages.
   Start seeds for outdoor planting.
   Use egg beaters or whisks to create bubbles in tubs or buckets. 
Our Post Office has been quite a hit. The children have really embraced all aspects of letter writing and delivering. All you need to continue the enthusiasm is paper, writing tools and a few moments to help the kids think of others who might want to hear from them..family members, friends, classmates...let them do the rest. Later you can help them address, stamp and send their letters. They may even get some letters in return.
Have an Inside dress up dance party, clear a space and blast your favorite tunes
We are missing all of you, children and families, and send our very best. Be well,

Peggy, Carol, Shayna, and Linda
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