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Week of 6/15

Dear Armadillo Families,

This week we continue with our transportation theme, focusing on ways to travel on water.

This will be that last entry on our curriculum page for the school year, but you may want to revisit these pages during the summer.

Wow, It is hard to believe summer vacation is upon us!  


Peggy, Carol, Shayna and Linda


Fine Motor/Writing-
Make a boat book by folding multiple pieces of paper in half and stapling or taping. Draw pictures of the different types of boats such as sail, motor, houseboats, canoes, etc.

Art: You will need paper, glue, and sand. Squeeze glue from bottle or use a brush to create a picture or design. Sprinkle sand wherever you put the glue. Gently shake off the excess sand.                    

Make a boat out of tin foil by folding it into a rectangle or oval shape. Fill a shallow pan, casserole dish, or tub with water and see if your boat floats. Gather some pennies, Legos or paper clips (anything small) and predict how many it will take to sink your boat. Start putting them in and count as you go. How many did it take for your boat to sink?                      

Cooking: Jello Jiggler Sailboats: For each box of Jello, add 1 cup of boiling water and whisk until completely dissolved. Pour the Jello into a rectangular baking dish sprayed lightly with cooking spray. Refrigerate until set (at least 2 hours) Remove from pan and cut into rectangles or ovals. Put one “sail” into each jiggler. To make the sail: cut small triangles out of colored paper (recycled gift wrap works well) and attach to tooth picks using tape.                            .

Gross Motor:
 Holding the boat yoga pose practice breathing. When you feel steady, hold the boat pose andYoga Pose: Half Boat (Ardha Nāvāsana, Ardha Navasana)

sing “Row, row, row, your boat…”. Think about how your body felt while holding the pose and just breathing versus singing.                                                                                          


Fine Motor/Writing Extension: Label your boats, using words you have sounded out or have a sibling or parent help you find words to copy from books you have at home about boats

Art Extension: Look through magazines to find pictures of boats to cut out and glue onto your sand picture or draw boats, water, sky etc. with markers or crayons.

Science/SEnsory Extension Please see the recorded video of making tin foil boats.

Cooking Extension: Try using cookie cutters to make other shapes, like suns, fish, hearts etc.

Gross Motor Extension: Invite a family member or get a stuffed animal to be a partner holding it to sing “Row row. row your boat…” together while holding hands and rocking back and forth.


A book reading by Carol: Who Sank the Boat?
A special activity with Shayna: Tin Foil Boat
A book reading by Shayna:  Ducky
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