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For 5/12


 Sequencing for napping house:
Your Turtle can work on sequencing the events in the story “The Napping House” from the recorded video the teachers made.

Printable "The Napping House" Sequencing Sheet


Fine Motor/Art:

Writing their names: Have your Turtle practice writing their name! They can write their name on anything using any type of writing utensil. It may be helpful to give your Turtle a “name card” where they can look to see what their name looks like when written.


Sensory/Mindfulness/Dramatic Play:

Letter practice: Give your Turtle a tray or baking sheet filled with salt, sand, dirt, rice, shaving cream, or any other material they can run their fingers through. Have them practice writing different letters of the alphabet using their fingers in the material. You can give your Turtle a picture of the alphabet to use as they work through the letters.


  Gross Motor/Yoga/Outdoor Nature based/Games:

Bedtime Yoga: Our story this week talked about a house full of people and animals sleeping! One way to help your Turtle relax before they go to sleep is with some bedtime yoga. Have your Turtle practice bedtime yoga to help them unwind before getting into bed! 

Examples of bedtime yoga


STEM- Math, Science, Building

Build a fort: Put your Turtle’s imagination to work! Have your Turtle build a fort out of materials around your house. They can use pillows, cushions, blankets, or anything else you feel comfortable with. This is a great way to work on some building skills and use their imagination!  




Sequencing activity sheets: Your Turtle can practice sequencing lots of different events on our activity sheets! You can also talk through the sequencing of some home routines with your Turtle. For example, ask your Turtle what they do when they wake up? (i.e. get out of bed, use the bathroom/brush teeth, get dressed, eat breakfast, etc.)

Printable sequencing practice


Fine Motor/Art:

Name Game: See if your Turtle can identify a missing letter from their name. You can choose any letter in their name and have your Turtle try to fill in the blank! Example: DO_INIQUE, _OMINIQUE, DOMINIQU_, ETC. For an extra challenge you can leave more than one letter blank.


Sensory/Mindfulness/Dramatic Play:

Letter Practice: Use another tray or baking sheet filled with your preferred sensory material and have your Turtle practice writing their name with their finger. This is a way to appeal to your Turtle’s tactile senses while practicing writing their names. You could also give your Turtle a list of names in your family to practice!


Gross Motor/Yoga/Outdoor Nature based/Games:

Yoga: Have your Turtle come up with their own yoga moves! They can add these to the bedtime yoga or practice their new yoga any time they want. You can challenge your Turtle to come up with yoga moves to help wake them up in the morning as well.


STEM- Math, Science, Building

Forts: Once your Turtle has built their fort, they can have a stuffed animal party inside! How many stuffed animals can they fit in the fort? They could also invite family members to join them inside the fort or try to expand their fort to make it bigger. Can your whole family fit inside your Turtle’s fort?


Stretch out a blanket or towel on the ground and watch the clouds go by. Use this time to meditate or use your imagination to talk about what shapes/things they see in the clouds. If you watch as the clouds change their shapes, some storytelling can also be done.

Using Legos, create a maze on a Lego base (the large flat squares or rectangles) for a marble or a little Lego guy to go through. You can also build a maze with Duplos or other types of blocks for little animals or vehicles to go through.

Create a hopscotch jumping sequence, you can use numbers or letters. You can make the boxes go in a straight line, zig-zag, or meander.

Click on the following link to view a fun packet of activities:
Full Day Activities Packet


Turtle Team Sings: Where do you start your letters, H, I, J, K Turtle Team Reads: Napping House

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