Panda Class

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June 15-19

Theme - Ocean

Resource Activities for beginning of the week

  1. Ocean Painting (Fine Motor) Paint an underwater ocean scene using a straw! Water down some paint and place drops on a piece of paper. Now have your little artist blow the paint around using their breath Ocean Coral Blow Painting 

    DIY Sea Foam (Sensory, Fine Motor, Science) Grab a bin, dish soap, water, cornstarch and an electric mixer and whip up some ocean sea foam to play with. Ocean Sea Foam Sensory Play

    Frozen Ocean (Science, Fine Motor) Explore with all the components that make up the ocean with this fun Frozen Ocean Animal Rescue activity. Collect all sorts of small toys or animals and place them in a bowl. You can even add some leaves to be the “seaweed”. Fill the bowl with water and freeze it. Once frozen, head outside with your frozen water dome and squirt warm water and salt to melt your frozen ocean and rescue your animals. 


    Foil Fish Art (Fine Motor) Design your own fish using aluminum foil, paint or permanent markers. First cut out a fish shape out of paper or a paper plate. Wrap your fish shape in aluminum foil and then decorate.

Extension Activities for end of week

    1. Yoga Boat (Gross Motor, Social Awareness) Did you watch the video of Sue doing the boat pose? See if you can do this with a family member. Face each other in the boat position, with feet touching. Can you hold hands? Can you touch your feet and raise them together?  It’s challenging but fun to try! 

    kids yoga poses

    1. Rainbow Foam (Sensory, Fine Motor, Science) Did you make the ocean sea foam? You can separate the foam into different piles or bowls. Now use some food coloring to add a different color to each bowl.  Did you make rainbow sea foam? That reminds me of the Rainbow Fish!


    3. Sharing is caring! (Social Awareness) Do something kind for someone in your family just like Rainbow Fish did when he shared a shiny scale. 


    5. Why Doesn’t the Ocean Freeze? (Science) To discover why the ocean does not freeze, try this experiment. Pour 4 cups of water each into two separate plastic containers. In one container stir in 2 tablespoons of salt. (Make sure the salt is completely dissolved.) Now put both containers in the freezer overnight. What do you predict will happen? In the morning, take them out and investigate the differences. 


    Why the ocean doesn't freeze experiment


    1. View live ocean animals (Science) Check out some ocean animals at one of these aquariums! What animals did you see? What were they doing? Live aquarium webcams


A book reading by Jenny : The Rainbow Fish
Yoga with Sue: The Boat Pose
A book reading by Sara: The Ocean Book
A song with Maria: 5 Little Fish
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