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The Children's Way Staff 


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Director:  Katy Merrell

Inclusion Coordinator: Gretchen Lutz

Administrative Assistant: Kathy Defina

Please be aware that not all staff have the opportunity to check their
email during the day.  If you need immediate assistance, please call
the office and you can be connected directly.

TCW Faculty List - Last Name, First Name

Amendola, Peggy 
Basbas, John
Bennett, Mary

Bordett, Sasha
Cunningham, Carol
Cuzzupe, Tracey

Defina, Kathy

Epstein, Shayna

Francoeur, Ingride

Gaddis, Nicole

Galasti, Adrienne
Gennaro, Jean
Greenberg, Carrie

Harding, Jenny
Haviland, Ali
Keating-Ross, Sara
Legere, Mary
Lively, Beth

Lutz, Gretchen
Lynch, Marnie

Merrell, Katy

Moran, Linda
Passi-Mccue, Paula
Ponce, Federica

Scarlatos, Jeanne
Springer, Olivia
Stitham, Margot

Stockwood, Linda

Sur, Betsy
Tam, Eileen
Williams, Sue

date last revised: May 29, 2018